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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by rhondap, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Anyone here with 03World?

    I just joined a few weeks ago and love it. Many great stories coming from my team. I just recieved my products yesterday and this is day 1 for me. So far so good.

    I did the Demo and it was way cool. [​IMG]
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Never heard of it. What kind of products do they sell?
  3. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Great question!

    They sell a weight management alternative product called FORM.

    FORM temporarily reduces the volume in your stomach for food intake. You feel full much sooner when eating (because you are full), and you eat less. When you eat less, you will weigh less.

    It has no active ingredients, no drugs, and no stimulants. It is safe.

    CSGWAHM New Member

    A friend of mine is with this company. I watched the demo online, very cool. My sister is looking to do this since she can't afford gastric bypass surgery and FORM is MUCH safer. I may enter the business soon, but as of right now I'm not a member. Good luck with it Rhonda!
  5. tinamariec

    tinamariec New Member

    Hi Rhonda!!!

    Nice to see you over here!

    O3 World FORM rocks! As of today I've lost 2 lbs and I started last Monday.

    I'm just using FORM to maintain since I'd already lost 40 lbs, but I lost 2 more lbs anyway. All I did was take one Form thirty minutes before I ate and when I ate all I could eat was half of what I had put on my plate. So with FORM you can eat what you want and still lose weight. How cool is that?

    I'm very happy with it!
  6. tinamariec

    tinamariec New Member

    Hope everyone has an O...O...O...Day!!![​IMG]
  7. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Hey Tina!!!

    Just posting my results:

    I recieved my product on Friday August 29th and started on FORM/FIXX Saturday August 30th and took Sunday off from the product. After 6 days of taking both FORM and FIXX here are my results:

    3 lbs lost
    6 inches lost - 2 of those inches are in the area I am focusing on.

    I am very happy and satisfied with what FORM/FIXX has done thus far.
  8. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Yep the Demo is pretty cool. [​IMG]

    I did the demo for my husband he was like, Wow! along with my kids when I flipped the glass upside down and nothing came out. [​IMG]

    I really love the taste of the FIXX (chocolate) shake.
  9. tinamariec

    tinamariec New Member

    I've now lost 4.3 lbs.

    That demo is pretty cool!
  10. rhondap

    rhondap New Member


    After 4 weeks of taking FORM I have lost 4lbs and 5 inches - I am only emasuring inches in my problem area - hips, waist and stomach.

    I only have a few lbs I want ti lose, about 20, so this is a great start for me.
  11. tinamariec

    tinamariec New Member

    Congrats Rhonda!
  12. tinamariec

    tinamariec New Member

    I've lost 5.2 lbs and I'm now maintaining that loss for the last two weeks just taking one FORM pill a day.

    I thought at first that I wanted to lose ten lbs, but I've since changed my mind and I'm using FORM to maintain.
  13. residualgrl

    residualgrl New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I am a new distributor with o3World, and glad to see this forum[​IMG].

    I can't wait to get my products. I can't do any exercising do to a bad knee, so I've gained some extra weight and am anxious to put these o3 products to the test and kiss that extra weight good-bye!
  14. jcase16

    jcase16 New Member

    Is it possible for me to test the stuff for a month or something. I have been screwed over by so many of these diet things that I'm nervous about paying money without seeing results first.

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