1% MOLB vs profit lance vs Wealthy Affiliate.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Hightower, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Hightower

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    Ok of all researching of thousands of scams, the 3 I have come up with seem to be the ones mentioned in title. I would like to hear your opinions of them. They are all the same in that they offer a course on how do affiliate marketing. Please read my background and what I would like to do in my intro post to this forum. Ive copied it below.

    Newbie to forum here.

    Like many Im sure who are on here, I too have been scammed many many many times. Extremely frustrating. Alot of people out there making thousands just by sending u an ebook. Big deal.

    I am a technical person, but dont like sales, that is searching and bringing people to programs, however it seems that most programs do this. I cant stand the fact that most programs if not all, do not mention what exactly you are doing. Its just a bunch of promises. If I am to enroll in something I would like to know exactly what Im doing.

    I have a real interest in Ebay. I have tried 3 times to make it work, and have gotten into good programs with one caveat. You will never find wholesalers
    that can beat the ebay price. I have bought and had accounts with wholesalers no middleman. At thier best promotions its impossible to beat the avg ebay price for a product. So I dont know where these people get thier products from, and no powerseller is going to reveal that. So that is screwed unfortunatly.

    So that leaves me with all this sales crap. I am willing to work hard. I cant work much longer as a technician, because of a debilitating back and hip. I have to get a home based business going now because it will take a couple years min to establish. I would just rather that there be minimum sales required. I am computer literate, and dont mind computer work at all, and it may be that I have to train in building websites or something, but rather not deal with alot of sales.

    So forgive me for the long letter. As an introductory I feel I needed to express a background, and where I would like to go.

    Im open to suggestions, for what is going to work.
    I have reviewed wealthyaffiliate, 1% MOLB, and Profit lance all of which seem to go the sales route by affiliation. Wish I would be interested, but its still sales. Does this leave me doomed? Attempt anyway?

    Thanks for your time
  2. Hemjoe

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    Out of the threeebooks above i own two profit lance and 1% MOLB and there is only one clear winner out of the two and thats profit lance. I cant personally comment on wealthy affiliate but i haven't ever heard a bad word spoken about it so that narrows down your options slightly.

    i dont like to be to biased but profit lance is the product that educated me and i will always recommend that to anyone.

    I have sent you a pm with some more info.
  3. getagrip

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    I haven't heard about MOLB. I briefly checked out PL, but I think Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot more, and I think it will give you a more competitive edge than PL...just my two cents.
  4. Kecia08

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    Of the three products you mentioned, I have Profit Lance and Wealthy Affiliate. I bought PL earlier this year, after reading several great reviews. It is a good product if you are wanting to go alone in your Internet Marketing venture. There is no forum, and the author has been known to provide poor, if any, support. After four months of using PL, I made 1 sale.

    I decided that PL was not working for me, as I needed support and guidance from people who were more experienced that I was. So, I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in the middle of October. Using the methods I have learned with their courses and tutorials, along with the advice from many members in their forum, I have made 9 sales in less than 1 month. There is even more information in their course, and for me, it is much easier to follow than PL.

    If you need more info on either product, don't hesitate to PM me.
  5. cupbucket

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    If you really like ebay try selling digital things that dont require any storage. You might be able to get a good price on them

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