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    >> It seem like they revamp the site. I took
    >> a look at it.How are things working out for everyone.

    On May 1st, not only did 1SS change their sites but also their compensation plan. Some (such as myself) were excited... others decided to move their focus to different programs.

    1 Step System is now a straight commission (ie: no 2-up) program and I couldn't be happier. No more lottery mindset... it now comes down to earning $500 for every $597 sale that your marketing helps generate. And that's how it should be.

    The info product is great. The sales system they use is smart. The overall affiliate income opportunity is well worth looking into.

    If all you've seen is the Teleseminar (the lead capture page)... you can find more information at 1SSDetails.com (that's a page most of the public doesn't get to see).

    Overall a top notch resource. I've created $4000 in 17 days with them and still see a few thousand each month come in. Of course, that's because I have marketing in place that helps generate this (though, I do teach this to my customers/associates within my 1SS Top Earners group).

    I'd recommend looking into them.

    Rob Toth

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