10 Best Home Based Businesses You Can Start With

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Vishal P. Rao, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    1. Child Day Care Service. Because more parents must work outside the home, there will always be a demand for child care. But with the concerns about quality child care, more people are moving away from the large day care schools, and turning to friends, neighbors, people they know from school functions and PTA meetings, and finding child care providers by word of mouth.

    2. Freelance Photography Service. If you constantly get compliments on your photography skills, and you love to take pictures, you could start your own home based photography business, and work at home. You can improve your chance of success by specializing in niches like jewelry photography, baby photography...

    3. Home Based Secretarial Service. Typically, you will perform services for independent professionals, sole proprietors, and home or small businesses that do not need or have a budget for a full-time secretary.

    4. Computer Repair and Maintainance Service. If you have a flair for computers and software, you could start a computer repair and maintainance business. Your services may range from changing hard disks, upgrading RAM, installing software, etc.

    5. Cleaning Service. A cleaning service, or maid service, can be either residential or commercial cleaning services, or both. Initially you can focus on cleaning apartments and homes. Then, after you have mastered the service, you may grow to service commercial establishments like offices, stores.

    6. Wedding Planning Service. If you like to work with people, enjoy planning big parties, and are good at negotiating and networking, you might consider becoming a wedding consultant.

    7. Pet Grooming and Day Care Service. If you love pets, pet grooming can be a very profitable business, because most people are willing to pay well for someone to groom and look after their pet while being sensitive to the pet??™s behavior and needs.

    8. Home-Based Answering Service. This virtual service has relatively low overhead, and is easy to run. And depending upon your quality of service and professionalism, you can earn a very healthy income doing this from your home office.

    9. Selling on eBay and Other Online Auctions. E-selling can be done at any time, place, or on any day of the week. All it takes is an internet connection to your PC. If mastered, eBay business can be very lucrative and addictive too!

    10. Catering Service. If you love to cook, this can be a very rewarding career. You can provide catering service to office goers in your local area. Once your service becomes popular through word of mouth, you may then cater small gatherings, kid's parties, birthdays etc.
  2. wahumor

    wahumor New Member

    That's a great and very realistic list, Vishal!

    Don't think of hyped-up, fishy-smelling come-ons when looking for home based businesses - think about what people around you NEED and are demanding!!

    The rest almost takes care of itself...
  3. psyche

    psyche New Member

    i have a friend who's a single mother. she tried becoming a freelance photographer when her husband left her. she's really doing well now and having the time of her life [​IMG] freelance photography gave her a lot of pleasure and freedom - plus, the pay's great [​IMG]
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Psyche [​IMG] If you are passionate about your business you can succeed no matter what.
  5. dynawealth

    dynawealth New Member

    Great post for the Top 10. I would have though that either Internet Marketing or Network Marketing would have been in that list though...
  6. wahumor

    wahumor New Member

    These businesses are listed because you can easily find those who want those services and the demand is always high. Also, there's plenty of real-world-right-in-your-neighborhood people looking for exactly such services (well, except eBay).

    Neither IM nor NM are as much in demand, although given enough time, effort and planning, they can be lucrative.
  7. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    If you want to start a Day Care, you can work at home and bring in children for you children to play with and make money at the same time.
    I did this for quite some time when my daughter was smalll, and really enjoyed it. I also took some of the overload off of some of my fellow day care providers at times when they went on vacation.
    I suggest that you have a specific area in your house that serves as the main base of your daycare. All of the child related items you need can be stored there. Basements and second stories are great for this!. If you have a special area set aside for a play area for your daycare, you won't feel like you live in the daycare 24/7, and can still feel like you have a personal home when the daycare kids are not there.
    One thing that is VERY important!!! Please check with your state and local authorities to see what their rules and regulations are, and if you need to be liscenced to run the size of daycare you have in mind. I suggest that you be liscenced, because it's good advertising and gives parents a sense of security when they look at your home as a safe place to leave their children. You may not feel you need to do this if you are taking in a child or two, but you really should look into becoming registered if you are seriously looking at daycare for a career.
    A really unique idea may be to start an Elderly Day Care as a business. Having a CNA is a plus at both types of jobs, but especially important when dealing with the elderly. You would be earning money and giving a person caring for an elderly person a well needed break.
    Another type of daycare is pet day care. Lots of people hate leaving their pets, especially dogs, home alone when they have to work long hours. Pet sitting is another part of this concept. I don't mind leaving my two elderly dogs kenneled at the vets for a few days, but would prefer a pet sitter. I don't know what the cost difference would be. Here again, check your local governmental bodies for rules and regulations.
    People helping people (and their pets). It's what life is all about.
  8. Mommasluv

    Mommasluv New Member

    Do you have to know how to develop film to do freelance photography or are there other ways?
    Photos and Poetry are a Passion
  9. jimgggg

    jimgggg New Member

    Most photographers in my area now use high-quality digital cameras. They produce disks as well as prints but must have special software so folks cannot just print themselves.
  10. hypercybertyper

    hypercybertyper New Member

    Vishal you are an inspiration to us all! I have started up as a writer, graphic artist, editor etc. etc. and have never been happier. My partner is a chef and I was thinking of setting him up doing office lunches with a twist... instead of sandwiches he could do hot food.

    Alternatively, I would love him to do Bar BQs or catering for private house parties. He is Greek and we live in an area where there are only a handful of Greeks but I know most people love Greek food so I am currently checking out the legal requirements etc.
  11. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Paulina [​IMG] If I had not been an Internet entrepreneur, I would definitely have been a caterer! Wishing you all the best.
  12. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest

    My friend suggest me for google adsense programme. They told it is 100% payout home base programme with out any investment. Can I join it? Is it right way for making money online? psl share you view on this .

    thanking You

  13. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Ricky,

    This is what you quoted in one of the posts couple of days back:

    Quoting: jobinfowayNow I join in google adsense programme Last month and i get posetive result from it.I already make $150. I suggest to all members to check out google adsense programme.

    Now you ask this:

    Quoting: jobinfowayMy friend suggest me for google adsense programme. They told it is 100% payout home base programme with out any investment. Can I join it? Is it right way for making money online? psl share you view on this .

    Are you making genuine posts or simply to gain exposure for your website?
  14. equest

    equest New Member

    I'd like to add and expand on a few of the fantastic ideas here.
    1. Cooking classes. If you love to cook, then you could teach others how to do it.
    2. Tutoring. Tutoring is a very lucrative field that is very popular at the moment as parents are becoming increasingly frustrated at the public education system.
    3. Housesitter/Petsitter. People can truly be at ease knowing that their home and/or pet is in good,safe hands.
    4. Gift basket Business. This is another business that is growing in leaps and bounds.
    5. Netpreneuer. Starting an internet based business is the ultimate in low cost home buiness ideas
    I came across a wonderful free report on 10 home businesses that can be started for under $25. You can also grab a free copy by sending a blank e-mail to 10free@freeautobot.com

    When you are looking for a business to start it is a good idea to try, if at all possible, to base the business on your likes,dislikes and preferences. In that way making money becomes fun.
  15. drinkflinger

    drinkflinger New Member

    These ideas are all so inspiring, i've wanted to do a few of these ideas, some I have done are , bartending for weddings and private parties, ( my passion - I want to write a cocktail cookbook) I have also done the home seamstrsess business ( everything from mending, ironing to creating costumes and gowns ) I also had a denin recycling business, BLUE HASH ..recycle, rehash, reborn. that was a lot of fun..now I'm thinkin' again, one idea is teaching Home EC to the teens and early 20's market, they dont teach this in school anymore and it is amazing how little some people know about basic stuff to survive! What do you think...?
    love this site ..

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