10 Key Areas Every Opportunity Must Have For Your Success

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    Hey guys n gals,

    Check this out, I have developed a set of guidelines for everyone to evaluate a potential opportunity. You may want to read this before you join any company or venture.

    1. Find a mentor. This is crucial, it must be someone you can trust. Someone who has a true system that you can plug into. Also, this person has to already have the results that you desire. Most importantly this mentor has to be someone who is truly willing to listen to your needs and cares about your success.

    The mentor must have a financial interest in your success. It is important that they get paid every time you do!

    2. Make sure their team is having success with the system that is in place. You may find that this is where most will come up empty, mainly because their system doesn't work at all!

    3. Make sure the products being sold are actually legitimate stand alone products. You are looking for products that would sell themselves if they were just sitting on the shelf. Most direct sales and network marketing companies are simply built around the compensation plans and not the product. If you don't have a stand alone product you are going to have a heck of a time trying to build a residual income. Also, your business will fail because most other people can't duplicate what you're doing.

    Check to see what percentage of the products sold are retail sales. If distributors are only buying the products so they can sell them to their recruits, beware. There are enough network marketing and direct sales companies out there to find a good one. Pick one that fits you.

    4. You want to make certain that you are working with a team that has a turnkey marketing system in place that anyone can duplicate. This needs to be a fool proof system that ANYONE can plug into and get fast results. If you have to figure out how to generate your own leads or if the company relies on recruiting family or friends, purchased leads or newspaper ads, SPRINT AWAY. If you don't have a reliable way of getting quality prospects in front of what you have to offer than you can't be guaranteed long term success.

    The marketing system should avoid all the redundant and boring stuff you see all over the web right now. This is very hard to find, so look closely.

    5. Make sure that the company has their vision set to long term and is going to be stable for as long as you market for them. If the company has bad Public Relations, it's for a reason. Bad PR kills companies FAST! Also make sure that the company isn't hiding offshore in the Bahamas or Panama to keep out of reach of the attorney general. This is a sign of the companies true colors.

    6. Find a direct sales company to work with. I have never personally achieved a significant income with MLM or network marketing type business models. The attrition is way too big and the commissions are too small.

    7. Make sure you don't have to pass up sales as part of your qualification process. You should be able to earn income from day one. This is absolutely critical.

    8. Make sure the company you are working with doesn't have any conflicts of interest. You can tell by their large monthly fees, trying to sell you leads, or partnerships and alliances that are designed to fill the companies pockets with your money.

    9. Find a company of which you don't have to do any explaining or personal selling. You should have a team of people to help you out. I always give my new people a spreadsheet with about 10 leaders contact information on it to make sure there is lot's of support for them in case I can't be reached.

    10. You need to learn how to trust your gut. If you feel good about what you're doing, then great pursue it with all you have. However, if you can't seem to get straight answers about products, services or systems, run away! They probably aren't telling you the whole truth and they just want your money.

    You will be able to tell if someone is trying to actually build a relationship with you or just trying to sell you something. There are tons of scams out there just hiding behind innocent and opportunity.

    Finally, is what your about to do something you can truly share with others and be passionate about? If the answer is no, then how will you ever be successful? Do something meaningful and make what you do about actually "helping others." Be proud and passionate and if you are using the correct system, it will be impossible for you to fail.

    Hope that helps you cut through the garbage out there.

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    Thanks for the tips Mike!

    However, I don't quite understand point #9

    "Find a company of which you don't have to do any explaining or personal selling.."

    The other points refers to "direct sales" and selling a solid product yet point #9 contradicts this. If I'm not mistaken even a department store salesperson answers questions, concerns, and do some explaining and selling don't they?
  3. MLSmith

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    Sorry it basically means let your system do all the selling.........sorry for the mix up. Really you don't want to have to try to sell anyone on your product, you let your websites do the work for you.
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    To be successful, you will need build relationship with people first.
    Share your experiences and content.
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    Great tips, I agree that you need a product that will sell itself we all have heard this there may not be many out there but they do exist if you can achieve this one thing you will do well. The good thing is that when you find that product it does work like a charm good luck all


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