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  1. neilac

    neilac New Member

    Anyone heard of this. Do people really get the gauranteed payment when they sign up? Any info appreciated.
  2. neilac

    neilac New Member

    Am I the only person receiving emails on this?
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    neilac: Am I the only person receiving emails on this
    Probably not but these types of things are all over the place... you just follow your gut and if it sounds too good to be real, then it probably is!

    ESPECIALLY if it says that you will make money with no work. Bahhh... liars.
  4. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    Stay away from this scam. If people would stop buying into these scams, they would go away.

    But sadly, there will always be people that join these scams and make money off all the ones that come after them.
  5. drbillphd

    drbillphd New Member

    I haven't tried 123CashFormula yet, and don't know anyone who has. I don't agree that all these kind of programs are all scams.. Some are not all at what they seem, and most of them require a lot of work to get started.. but isn't this true of most businesses... I do believe you should invest a lot of time and research into any of these work at home businesses before you invest your money, and don't believe the hype that your going to get rich over night.. it's not going to happen. It will take you a good 3 months to get going.. Unless you have a really unique niche, it will take you that long to get onto googles 1st page.. and we all know, if your not on googles 1st page, your not going to be seen..
  6. fpullman

    fpullman New Member

    Ah the 123CashFormula. I did pay for this, more out of curiosity than anything. It is essentially gambling. It gives you a supposed winning formula and a whole list of online casinos to join up. Many do give you say $100 credit to join up but the usual catch is that you can only collect your winnings under certain circumstances. The idea is to bribe you into getting started until you are hooked.
    I'm not sure if their system works - it seems reasonable, based on maths and laws of probability but no based on the laws of human nature. I once asked a millionaire trader why if it was so simple, everyone could not make money working the system. His answer was: because most people cant follow simple rules. This is so very true.
    If you can be disciplined about following a set of rules, you might be able to make this work but.... I doubt it. I never followed through because I know that gambling is addictive, and the big win is ALWAYS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

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