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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by RedRobin, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi Forum

    I tried 12 daily pro auto surf program and really like it! The turn over of money and low number of sites to surf make this an easy program for the autosurf beginner to try. I suppose I should try to get referals, but haven't gotten that far yet. I also tried StudioTraffic.com, but the rewards are smaller and there are quite a few sites to surf. I suppose if you understand it all, it might even out in the end, but I like the high payout of 12dailypro.

    One drawback is that you have to have money to make money. If you are interested and have a few dollars, you might want to try it out. As I understand it, these auto surf providers technically can fold at any time, so don't put in any money that you can't afford to lose.

    This program is still not "get rich quick", but is an interesting way to get a little bit of gain if you are willing to risk some money. Oh, by the way, I am not one of those risky types, but this looked interesting and had some decent feedback, so I took a chance on a small amount of money and earned a decent return.

    Does anyone out there have any advice for other autosurf programs that they have tried and liked? Honestly, I probably wouldn't have tried this but for the comments from folks on this forum.

    What do you look for when choosing an autosurf site?

    Looking forward to any comments you as a group may have.


  2. msiadvocate

    msiadvocate New Member

    Hey Robin,

    Great post. I am considering getting into the paid auto surf programs myself. I am a member of some of them but at the moment, just for hit exchange to promote my other programs.

    I did come across a website that you may be interested in called auto surf watch (www.autosurfwatch.com) It monitors and evaluates these auto surf sites. IT also highlights the scams and dodgy operators. Check it out.

    I have been considering 2dollarsurf.com due to the low entry cost ($2) as a startup.

  3. trixer

    trixer New Member

    I have to agree that 12daily pro is the bestsite to join . I joined sept28 and have been paid 3 times! I signed up 11 friends/family and they all have been paid at least once. There are lots of good sites that review and rate the different surf programs. email me if you want any help, or review sites trix@nl.rogers.com I will even split the referral if you join 12dailypro Todd
  4. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    Great.. I'm glad everyone is having a great experience with 12dailypro. I was worried because it was too easy.. I didn't think was that simple. So I'm going to stick with it and keep reinvesting my earnings. I look on the forums there, and members give alot of positive feedback from all over the globe, so it probably will not go under for awhile unless they fall victims of too many scams or frauds. But for now... ROCK ON![​IMG]

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  5. Kasht

    Kasht New Member

    I just found of a totally new program. It is just started, so we dont know if it will be as good as 12DailyPro.

    Just for joining, you get $8, so that could be the "test spend", without having to invest anything.

    Try it out, the name is AlienTrust, and link is on my sig.

  6. onlinemkt

    onlinemkt New Member

    12DP Paid me today directly to my e-gold ... my 6th payment and hope next year will be better.
  7. gary99

    gary99 New Member

    Does someone care to explain in small words (for small brained people like me) what an autosurf program is, and how it works? I stared at 12dailypro for 5 minutes the other day, and couldn't figure out how it worked. Actually it looked like a pyramid scam from all I could figure out, but I think I may be missing something.

  8. Kasht

    Kasht New Member

    Well, to tell you the truth, the idea of the Autosurf industry is to provide marketing solutions to their clients. You pay some money and you have credits that you can use towards your own advertising.

    However, the other side of the coin here is the actual people doing the autosurfing. These people will get to see most of these webpages. Some programs pay a lot of money to do this. And it is true that the more referrals you get, the more commission you make. So in that way it is a pyramid.

    The marketing idea behind Autosurfs is a really good one. You want to show your page to thousand of people surfing the web. And the way you get people to surf those sites is by paying them. So it must work somehow.

    But, there are programs that pay a lot of money for this. It is quite amazing what they offer, but some programs really do pay. Im not sure how they do it, but they do it.

    So just think about this. You have your own website you want people to see, gain exposure, and get some people to join. You join 12dailypro, which happens to be one of the most visited sites in the internet at the moment. You can only surf up to 30 credits, but you want more credits so that your page is displayed more times, so you BUY the credits. You pay actual money to get these credits. You get the exposure, you get the signups, you are happy.

    Now, on the other side is the autosurfer, who invests money in the company and surfs your site and many others submitted. He gets paid a small amount daily for his original investment. However, in order to make this money, HE NEEDS TO SURF. So he will likely see your page and many others and, if interested, join.

    I dont know if Im explaining myself clearly enough.

    In a summary, MOST AUTOSURFS END UP AS SCAMS!!! Be careful if you are going to invest in one. 12DailyPro has paid every single time, which is unbelievable since no other program has performed that well (maybe StudioTraffic). But that is it.

    If you put money there, remember that you must surf in order to make that money back. Some sites require 12 pages, some 30, it depends. I would only recommend joining 12DailyPro and AlienTrust. And please, only invest what you are comfortable losing. Even when these programs have been consistent with payments and stuff, you should play these programs safely.

    On a side note, I invested $3000 in 12DP and got paid already. Reinvested some there, and the rest in Alientrust, that just launched 3 days ago. Link is on sig. Check it out.

    Hope that clears up things a little.

  9. hazephase

    hazephase New Member

    hi ,
    can u tell me if i put 60 $ once do i have to put it again
    and how much will i make on it
  10. trixer

    trixer New Member

    If you put in 60$, then this will turn into 60$x .12%(that you earn each day) x 12 days =86.40$ I have been giving my buddies half of the referral so it is easy to work out, you get 1.5 x your original investment. .12x60-7.20, this is what I would get for referral, but I give them half back, so 3.60. Add this to the 86.40 and you get $90, 1.5 times your original investment. Then, you can cash out the whole 90, or take out earnings of 30 and reinvest the 60 again, or reinvest the whole 90!.. This works for any investment, 1000 gets you 1500, 3000 gets you 4500 etc. Todd
  11. surfhere2000

    surfhere2000 New Member

    Somebody knows about 12DailyPro 3x3x3 program? You can earn 1000$ at week. I want to try it. I know peaple that already invest by this schema and it's work for them.
    Waiting for suggestions about 3x3x3 schema.

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  12. onlinemkt

    onlinemkt New Member

    Account upgrades from e-gold are on hold now... but they keep paying out so no worry about.
  13. onlinemkt

    onlinemkt New Member

    THE LAST 12DailyPro Updates:

    We have just received notice from E-Gold that they are doing random account verifications and all of our Egold accounts have been put on temporary hold until we can verify our business identity. We suspect that this is a result of our recent missing upgrade delay issue or a more nefarious act of a competitor or orther 3rd party. We attempted to conduct this verifaction with them by phone a moment ago and were told the department that handles verification will not be back in the office until tomorrow.

    Until we clear this up tomorrow, Egold upgrades will be disabled.

    You can upgrade via Stormpay in the meantime or you can patiently wait until tomorrow.

    Note, that this development will not affect the payment of pending withdrawals via Egold. Payments will remain on schedule and according to our terms, as always.

    Thanks for your patience.
  14. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    Yep.. I'm waiting for my 1st payout. Autosurfing has a stock market feel to it, so I just look at it that way. (med risk.. not low risk) Many people would rather make money for traffic then spend money just to get some exposure. Some people see it as easy money. (too easy) That's why the scams just slip right in.
  15. Danny33

    Danny33 New Member

    I've been paid everytime by 12dailyPro. Most autosurf sites are scams, but 12DailyPro has gained lots of trust throughout the internet. They have over 100,000 members and are growing by over 1000 everyday. The largest autosurf program (and oldest) is StudioTraffic.com with over 300,000 members, and have been around for over 3 years (If I remember correctly)

    I fully trust 12DailyPro and wish I had more money to put into it!
  16. typing00

    typing00 New Member

    If it is of any reassurance, I invested $9810 and got $14846 back in 6 weeks. Safely in my bank account as well.
  17. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    Wow.. that's just as encouraging as the 12dp forums.. [​IMG] Alrighty then
  18. bacpro

    bacpro New Member

    My name is John and just been a member
    a few min.
    I have been a member of 12daily pro for a few months
    and find that it is the best paid to surf program in the planet. Have made 6k since joining.

    I've joined others only to get excuses and site problems.
    One particular one that I'd like to warn everyone about
    is 4daily, stay away from this guy, he advertises that
    his surf programs is the best and pays, I did not get
    a cent. I lost 40 bucks. If you see this site while your surfing
    ignore it. My suggestion stick with 12 dailypro, if your already in it. If not join now.

    More advise, stay away from randomizers, or money making programs that you have to recruit anyone. Most people are looking for something free, and when you need people in your downline, that's the hardest part getting them to join and spend their money. I'm in a program that I have 25 people and none have spent a dime. All fence sitters. I even offer a refund if they lose their money and have no takers.

    That's my imput for now!
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  19. suny2k

    suny2k New Member


    I redesigned my 12dailypro-support site, added nebiestuff and more. Comments good/bad are apreciated.[​IMG]

    URL in sig

  20. gudangemas

    gudangemas New Member

    Quoting: surfhere2000Somebody knows about 12DailyPro 3x3x3 program? You can earn 1000$ at week. I want to try it. I know peaple that already invest by this schema and it's work for them.
    Waiting for suggestions about 3x3x3 schema.


    I have been paid by 12DP 10 times so far and waiting for another 2 pending payments. I have applied that 3x3x3 method but not in full amount, just to get paid every week.

    Basically that method teach you how to get your payment everyweek by buying upgrade every 7 days.

    For example :
    on the 1st of the month you upgrade $3000
    on the 8th you buy another $3000.
    on the 15th you buy another $3000. (after the 1 upgrade expires)
    and so on

    by doing this, assuming you will get paid in 7 business days, you will get your payment :
    On the 21st of the month : $3000+$1320=$4320
    On the 28th of the month : $3000+$1320=$4320
    On the 5st of the next month : $3000+$1320=$4320
    and so on

    That way you will earn $1320 a week. I hope this can answer your question [​IMG]

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