1stepsystem members! (whoever answers this clearly gets my sale!)

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  1. francis jimenez

    francis jimenez New Member

    hi, there are two concerns that we would like to voice out, why is the product priced high, is its value higher, i mean the company claims that it is priced at 2,000 dollars there are laws that the BBB proposes and how do our products fare, second the system it seems is not using autoresponders can you give light to this matter or could you direct me to a contact representative to the company. thanks for your time. I also wish that you can give me a reply that comes from the company. thank you.
  2. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    Those are great question. I will do my best to give you real answers.

    The reason for the high price is:
    1) Weedout people that will not take this program seriously.
    2) Startup is $597 and $500 is the commission. Offering a high commision when there is a sale motivates people to promote the product and gives them room to have a higher advertising budgit.

    They do have autoresponders set up for prospects are emailed.

    I hope that helps. I would be more then happy to have you sign up under me. I have over 10 years in affiliate programs and can help you out.

    Let me know and I will give you my link. See no pressure from me.

    (310) 350-2570 Please only call 10am-7pm US pacific Time
  3. starmankenny

    starmankenny New Member

    Hello Francis,

    I will be more than happy to answer your questions. Call me at 626-3152559.
  4. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    Nice way to post your link. At least I answered his question.

    Here is my link Francis
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  5. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member

  6. Hey kids,
    Fight nice...
  7. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member

    I dont see why you feel the need to post a lame anwser just to get your link out there. I clearly answered Francis question.

    By the way Im now at 5 sales. The 1StepSystem is working great!
  8. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    Chidren stop the fighting!!!!!!

    Isn't this place great??
  9. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    What ever happened to Free Marketing? Anyone can offer anything they choose, and if it's easier for starmankenny to explain by phone, what difference does it make? It seems as if 1stepsystem thinks he has the corner on the market! If this is the kind of business this is, who wants that?
  10. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    Jodi you are to much for me.
  11. javagroup

    javagroup New Member

    I'm not in the 1Step System, but would like to throw out my 2 cents here. I want to tell you the positive and the negative with this as I see it.

    First of all, this is not a new program. There are at least 2 other companies out there, that have been around for at least 2-3 years that do the exeact same thing as the 1Step System. Mentors on a Mission and Mentors in Motion. I am somewhat familiar with Mentors on a Mission, owned by Al Turnquist in Florida. He's a long time successful marketer. I listened to a 1Step System call and from what I can tell Mentors on a Mission may offer more tools and expertise....at least they seem to use more advanced technology. What I mean by that is they use WebConferencing as opposed to these outdated conference calls.

    I think the great thing is that these companies offer a way for people to make money! They offer a community of support. Tools for marketing and learning. That's important when you are trying to succeed. They offer a great way for people to make some good money, and a way for people to see the money fast. Not wait for months to work a program to see a few dollars.

    What I see is the downside, is that you don't see the "Tool Box" up front. Regardless what the sales pitch is, there are good marketing systems out there. I use one of them. The system I use offers a free system, so you can check it out first.

    These folks need to let people see what the tools and toys are first and offer a money back, risk free type of offer. $597.00 is a lot for most people to shell out. Sure you can make it back quickly. But, they are asking people, many who are naive, to lay down $597.00 - for what? What are you getting? Where can you go to see what tools you are going to receive? A person is suppose to trust these people?

    This program offers no residual income, as I see it. You will continually need to find people to sell. It has no money back guarantee, unless they didn't say that upfront.

    Anyone considering this may want to check out Mentors on a Mission, or find people in that program. Shop Around!
  12. truthaboutmlm

    truthaboutmlm New Member

    I have been to the 1stepsystem twice now and I am still not able to view the product or the great backoffice they speak of. Looks like you have to buy then see what you are buying. I have been successfully working from home now for 3 1/2 years and always looking for something new to add new streams of income. I was invited to look at the 1stepsystem and I did so. You would think I would get the info I need to make an informed business desision. Companies that want the MONEY before you have an idea of what you are getting always seem to me to be a MONEY GAME.
  13. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    You can view the product details here. [Link removed. No affiliate links - Admin]

    There is nothing to hide with the ultimate marketing tool kit.
  14. hifol

    hifol New Member


    The product is called "Ultimate Marketer Toolbox". It's aimed at making us a better online marketer regardless of the product we sell. It includes PDFs, audios and videos. I can say the product is simply superb..I learned a lots of new techniques and tricks in Internet marketing from it. If I'm not mistaken Rod does mention a little bit about the product in the teleseminar.
  15. Jodi

    Jodi New Member

    You can check out the toolbox kit in detail along with the business if you click on Rod Stinson's head in the square on any 1stepsystem website. Someone told me that. It's silly how they just don't have an open system.
  16. 1StepPro

    1StepPro New Member

    My feeling is that everyone has to find an opportunity that is right for them based on their needs and desires. There are so many out there and they all offer the moon and the stars - it is hard to sort through them without spending a lot of time and money! Ask yourself two questions when you are approached by someone who is trying to "help you decide": 1) CAN I do what this person is doing to me right now? 2) DO I WANT TO???

    I have been looking for years, have failed at many attempts, and stumbled onto the 1StepSystem two weeks ago. I absolutely love it! It is definitely right for me for a million reasons. It may be right for you and it may not. The best part of it for me is the ease of use, the educational value of the Ultimate Marketer's Toolkit, the comprehensive nature of the "back office", and the automated system that allows you to generate business without having to cold-call, coerce or convince your customers to join - THEY OPT IN.

    These forums are great for sharing experiences, especially when someone asks specifically about the opportunity - it sure generates some lively conversation!

    I took a bit of a chance in joining the 1StepSystem and I am glad I did. What I received in return for my investment was a true, complete home business that is changing my life for the better every day - not bad for $597 (oh, just so you know, there are additional costs of $19.95 - one time- for the website and $29/month to maintain access to the incredible marketing center, plus whatever you budget for advertising to drive traffic to your site). For a new lease on life and freedom from the incredible stress out there in the corporate world - I feel like I made a really good investment. I hope you find happiness and prosperity in a way that is right for you!
    Warm regards,
  17. hifol

    hifol New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I completely agree with 1StepPro that 1stepsystem is one of the best opportunities around today (if not the best). The product itself is a real bargain for anyone who wants to learn and be good at marketing (online or offline).

    If you are fed up running the so-called "Multiple Streams of Income" (MSI)-promoting many opps at the same time, this is the time for a change. With 1stepsystem you don't have to run multiple marketing campaigns as usually required by MSI. You just focus on this one business as the returns that you will reap are BIG ($500 everytime the system sells for you!). It means you save yourself time, effort, "multiple" headaches and most importantly "multiple" investments!

    The clock is ticking..as of today..only 10 days left until the official launch. So guys get yourselves on board before it's too late!

  18. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member

    Wow. I love all these sales rolling in. Im living proof that this business works.

    Im spend around $100 on ppc to get one $500 commission. Anyone else want to share what there spending on ppc per sale????

    Keep it up!
  19. Web_Queen

    Web_Queen New Member

    I would like to know how official1stepsystem.com and 1stepsysteminfo.com are able to have traffic redirected to their 1stepsystem website. I also would like to know how you've been able to have so many people signing up for the system.
  20. 1stepsystem

    1stepsystem New Member


    I just have a 1stepsystem banner on my website that directs people to my official 1stepsystem site.

    I get a lot of sign ups from doing pay per click search engines. Having the right tools makes a big difference.


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