2 Social Media tips to keep in mind if you REALLY want to capture your audience’s attention

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  1. Hey!
    Just thought about these 2 social media tips:

    1. Be less boring- People don’t care about boring stuff. Its social media, people come here to get entertained and have fun.
    Thinking of creative ways to market your stuff and drive traffic while being interesting, that’s marketing! It start with the headline of your posts/blog links. Make it compelling for the audience to read your posts. “6 social media marketing tips” can be improved to “don’t miss these 6 tips while marketing on Social Media”
    Often times, being controversial can give you viral traffic. Put out your opinion, create friction, stand out!

    2. Go visual- face: images are more appealing, can give you instant shares, viral traffic.
    Don’t forget Instagram and Pinterest in your Social Media Marketing Checklist.
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    Add in some videos with your visual's and boom you have a winner!
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