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    1.What is the max ad packages we can hold? is it 1 million?

    2.Lets say for example i had 1000 bucks in asd account. I know asd will only return up to 125%. but if i withdrawed 50% every month, will asd still continuously pay 1% since i never recieve up to 125%. could forever have 1000 bucks and never expire??

    3. I know the max you can purchase in ad packages is $50000. But lets say you have $120,000, and i let it gain 100% then upgraded...thats over 50k..So would upgrades be different from intial purchases?
  2. luvtravel

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    Best answer to all 3 questions
    is that yes the original amount (seed money) expires when that ad pkg reaches 125%, however the strategy is to keep a 80/20 rule and keep buying ad packages so when one ad pkg expires you still have the others, I had my original seed money returned to me after just a month an a half. Now I have several ad pkgs as I kept buying more from the rebates I earned and in your back office in cash history you will see a rebate percentage and next to it a ad pkg number, I now have a lot of ad packages .

    No the initial ad pkg and the additional ad pkgs are treated the same in terms of rebates BUT the difference come in as to WHEN you purchase another ad pkg, all depends on the particular bonus promotion going on that time, for example, I buy a $500 ad pkg with a promotion bonus of 100% matching I now have a $1,000 ad pkg or say if the bonus promotion at the time is 25% matching I than get $750 ad pkg, those are the only "differences"

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    It would be $625 actually...

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