3 Steps to Network Marketing Success

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    I know I am probably preaching to the choir here but
    sometimes its good to get a refresher on how to succeed
    in this business. I know from time to time I need a reminder
    of success steps to take. It keeps me moving forward in
    the right direction.

    My hope is that any newbie reading this post will benefit


    Network marketing is like anything else in life
    that requires direction. If there is no direction,
    the destination is nowhere. For example if a
    ship has no direction it goes nowhere. Those
    who have achieved great success in network
    marketing differ from those who have not by
    five major characteristics. If you want network
    marketing success, take action today and assume
    and master these characteristics of a successful
    network marketer.

    Network marketing is one of the top business
    adventures to become involved with. When you
    become a part of a network marketing business,
    you are exposed to a proven product, service and
    opportunity. You also have at your disposal a road
    map offering you the "know how" on how to achieve
    success with MLM.

    Even though network marketing is a fantastic business
    model and it's made many millionaires in the past, you
    must not be naive in thinking that network marketing
    is a "get rich quick" program. You can't achieve success
    just by joining and thinking the profits will start
    accumulating in your bank account. You have to take
    action in the business because it can't work itself, you
    must work your MLM business to be successful.

    Here are the top 3 action steps you required for success
    in network marketing:

    1. Knowledge of your product, service and opportunity
    2. Comprehend what works
    3. Take continued action

    Now let's take a closer look at each step:

    - Knowledge Of Your Product, Service and Opportunity-

    In order for you to truly be successful in network
    marketing, you must know what the company is about,
    inside and out. Knowledge of the product or service is
    advantageous to you when speaking to someone about
    the opportunity that awaits. You want to represent the
    network marketing company as an authority. This will give
    you complete confidence as you speak with a potential

    -Comprehend What Works-

    It is important for you to know what works in your company
    in regards to marketing your product. This information can be
    gleaned from your upline sponsor. This is a perfect reason
    to keep the lines of communication open with your upline.
    When operating a network marketing business, it is helpful
    to maximize your efforts and concentrate on something
    that has been proven to work for your particular MLM.

    -Take Continued Action-

    This is probably the most important step. So many people
    have joined a network marketing company, took action
    briefly only to quit after being involved for only a few
    weeks. They are under the impression that network
    marketing is a "get rich quick" opportunity in which it is
    not. Those that stay in the company for such a short time
    expect to do hardly anything but wait for the money to
    accumulate. The responsibility of the individual is to not
    only to take action but to take continued action in order
    to realize the monetary benefits down the road. The
    philosophy is to take action in your MLM business today,
    tomorrow, the next day and the next day and on and on.
    This continued action will pay big dividends in due time.

    Taking the time to concentrate on these 3 steps will ensure
    financial security for those determined to be successful in
    network markekting. You must remember this is a business
    that must be treated as a business.

    Treat your network marketing business as a hobby, you
    will get paid like a hobby. Treat your network marketing
    business like a business and your bank account will be
    rewarded accordingly.

    - Kevin Tyler Smith
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    Your post is very informative.

    Thanks for sharing
  3. paul10

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    I aggree with you that was a wonderfull post,i enjoy it because am just new into the network marketing on traveling club.

    Thanks very much,hope to receive more.

  4. wealthymarket

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    Been working online with network marketing for 2-3 years...and you're absolutely right...gotta be reminded of that...regardless of how long we've been doing it. Thanks for taking the time to do it! [​IMG]
  5. jenstheword

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    Thanks for the info. I'm new to network marketing and although I'm excited about the potential money I can make, I know that it will take time and due diligence to build my business. It's good to know that I wasn't wrong in my thinking!
  6. mountainmom5

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    Quoting: kevin664Treat your network marketing business as a hobby, you
    will get paid like a hobby. Treat your network marketing
    business like a business and your bank account will be
    rewarded accordingly.

    Thanks Kevin - very well written and I heartily agree.

    According to the stats, if you make it past the one year mark in network marketing, you are in the 5% bracket of the successful network marketers. 95% quit in their first year....


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