4 Tier Annihilation Method (4TAM)

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    CSGWAHM New Member

    Just wanted to see if anyone is using the 4 Tier Annihilation Method? Have you heard anything about it? I've been getting emails promoting it and it sounds interesting. It has to do with ebay and I already have a way to get tons of leads on ebay, just didn't want it to be a repeat of what I already know. Although, there are 4 tiers to it, so I'm sure there's alot more to it that I could benefit from.

  2. cricfan

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    hi there, the whole course revolves around owning a dropship business where you perform an in depth research on eBay marketplace of what's selling well in your market of interest...

    once you have the product down, than you go & find suppliers for that product...once you have a few potential suppliers on your list for that product...you contact them & strike a deal...

    than all you do is list the product for sale...when it sells, you pay your supplier their dropship fees, & keep the rest of the money for yourself (profit)

    suppose I can source an iphone for 200 bucks from a supplier, than I'd sell it for 350-400...the difference it, you don't have to keep an inventory of products...

    once a product is sold, you just acquire customer info & forward it to your supplier plus the payment....

    you can look at it as Affiliate Marketing/Internet Marketing on eBay...

    but the whole guide has truck loads of ideas, and as you go through you'll realize that it provides you the blueprint that can potentially generate you a hefty six figure or even 7 figure monthly income...

    the guide is a blueprint for a long term business on eBay...

    I'm in the process of using one of its methods, and pretty close to getting results...but lets see what happens....

    bottom line is, the guide provides excellent resources for you to use in growing your ebay biz, and it indeed has raw power to make you mega rich if & only if you conduct an in depth research first...that is the key to making good profits...

    I plan on using some of the methods in there just to generate a decent part time income so that I have a reliable income stream as I build my network marketing biz...DON'T WANT TO GET A JOB!!!

    Hope that helps [​IMG]
  3. 040107

    040107 Member

    Please do let us know your progress![​IMG]

    This 4 Tier Annihilation Method sounds interesting if you're into making
    money using Ebay.

    Anyone have problems accessing the site at http://www.fourtierannihilation.com?

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Cricfan......Thanks for explaining the 4TAM! Glad you could enlighten me, I knew it had to do with ebay, but just didn't know to what extent. Keep us posted! Wish you much success with it!

    I haven't tried accessing the site in a few days, but when I did there wasn't a problem.
  5. cricfan

    cricfan New Member

    Will surely do [​IMG]

    however, I've taken a concept explained in one of the videos & given it my own twist...so lets see where I end up with it, end results are looking positive...all depends on my supplier...

    that's the only downside to this, if you source a product & its not quality stuff you'll have many disappointed customers, so in the guide the author also says that before sourcing ANY product, it's a good idea to order a sample for yourself first...this way you can examine the quality...

    and like 040107 it's for people who are into making money on eBay...actually, for me at least the methods are easier as compared to making money from the typical affiliate marketing/internet marketing...

    so it's a great alternative, but you have to have a good attitude about it too...

    anyhow, will post results in a few days...thing is I don't know how I can provide proof lol

    because I'm using a method that doesn't necessarily involve eBay...
  6. dodge

    dodge New Member

    Great stuff cricfan!

    I have bought 4TAM and found it to have ton of good stuff - the trouble is, the support email gets totally ignored by Alex and Saj (the product creator). After 2 months still no reply to my basic questions:

    1. When sourcing products, many of the "drop shippers" seem to be in China - do you have any problems with your Ebay customers if the product takes some time to reach them - and are they ever worried that the product is not coming from yourself?

    2. When sourcing and listing products from a shop (such as your watch example), what happens if they sell the watch just before your buyer wins the auction? Even worse when selling a car from a private individual - that the seller accepts an offer while the auction is under way.... I am legally committed to selling the product once it was been successfully bid for....Ebay would probably ban me or remove my kneecaps...

    And one general question - This new recession has got me worried - I checked out a few of your product ideas on Ebay - both sales and prices seem to be well reduced over the past 2 months - what is your experience right now Saj?

    Perhaps the talented folks here on the forum can give some advice?


    Dodge (named after the truck - not my character!)
  7. Majin

    Majin New Member

    I do not understand very well the method.

    I am Spanish.

    Someone would be so kind to explain that is what I do?

    The basis will have understood: 4 levels at each level and selecting products ... but ...

    Need to sell your things?

    How do you work?

    Help please.

    Thank you.

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