5 ways to take control of your life

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    An article about 5 key steps to taking back control. Stop living somebody else's dreams and build your own!

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    Enjoyed reading your article. Excellent suggestions, especially number #1. That's where everything begins.

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    Thank you for your ebook. It's useful for me to control my life
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    It was very interesting to read your article.
    I can totally agree with what you said. I like especially your thoughts about relationship.
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    I totally agree with your ebook. I feel like the main reason why people don't take action on the thigns you mention is because they don't know their own self worth. Increaseing onces self worth is a very common thing I'm seeing more and more now a days.

    In the midst of daily life, people tend to forget themselves. Buried with family life, work obligations, social activities and other responsibilities can sometimes become too overwhelming. You will reach a point of exhaustion. You will be so tired that you feel so down and out. While it is important to maintain relationships with other people, you must learn to care for yourself first. If you don’t, your self-worth just might be so low that you can barely remember you have it. Increasing your self-worth can be done through the following:

    Learn to Say No!

    People with low self-worth are spread too thinly. They are part of every committee, group and club of all sorts. They are so busy; they have no time to think. Once in a while, practice answering requests with a ‘no.’ You will realize how empowering it is. You cannot please everybody nor can you do everything all the time. Choose the activities that you enjoy and love. You can let go of other obligations by delegating them. Instead of doing everything for your family, learn to share the responsibilities with all family members. It will not only foster cooperation but working together is good for your relationship. Speak up and you will be heard.

    Take a New Hobby or Learn a New Skill

    A hobby takes your mind off your obligations, if only for a time. Find something that interests you and learn to do it. If you have always wanted to learn how to make a quilt or do scrapbooking, go ahead. You might also try a new skill such as baking specialty cakes or growing orchids or tropical plants or whatever you wish. Take the initiative and enroll yourself in a class or visit the craft store and get the necessary materials. Set an hour or two during the week for your hobby or class. It will be something to look forward to and you will feel much happier afterwards. You will also appreciate the time alone and the time you spend with others later. A new hobby or skill increases your self-worth knowing you are capable of learning and doing something new.

    Do Your Best All the Time

    There are times when the effort you give is just half of what you are capable of. You may feel so tired you just do something for the sake of doing it. But if you give it your all, you will feel much better. However mundane or trivial the chore may be, give it your 100%. The dinner you put on the table will taste more delicious if you do it with love. The report needed at work will be more appreciated if you focused on it. Even if no one is watching, be the best person you can be. You do not need an audience to tell you that you did well. Your own self-worth will be boosted knowing you performed to the best of your ability. It’s also nice if you wrote it down in a journal or diary so you won’t forget. Your efforts do not need to be always rewarded. But it helps to remind yourself that you were able to accomplish something good that day.
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    I like your tips. Especially that one which is related to the ability saying 'no' when it is really needed.
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    Thanks for the PDF file on it, let me download and review it, i will be back to give any feedback, comments or contirbutions on it. thanks
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    What if your decision to follow your dream somehow hurt your family? Can you do that at the expense of your relationship?
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    Enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for your ebook

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