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  1. dargen_5378

    dargen_5378 New Member

    Any members here apart of this site? Post your pros and cons here.

    I joined a week ago and so far so good. They must be getting alot of new members because after this month, they are going private, and the time for withdrawal has increased. They manually process withdrawal requests. Anyone else with them or heard anything good or bad?

  2. maryann2657

    maryann2657 Guest

    I can't even get into the site: [Link removed - Admin]

    They never paid me my money. They still have it . As far as I know they ripped me off.
  3. artsy

    artsy New Member

    I joined 5dayfund and deposited money. They have yet (7days later) acknowledged my deposit. They don't answer my emails or allow me to leave a voice mail.
  4. dnisi

    dnisi New Member

    I joined as well and the site is no longer available. I assume they have scammed us all =(
  5. Julie

    Julie New Member

    I joined the first week of Jan. My boyfriend too. He hasn't had access to his account since Jan. 19. Doesn't recognize his password. They do not answer emails and their voice mailbox is always full! He has received several password recoverys and has had no success with these. We both had quite a nice amount invested and have probably lost it all!! Beware!
  6. dnisi

    dnisi New Member

    This is the new message when you go to the website. Type in the address, don't use your old link.

    "We have some server problems and currently we are investigating the situation. We'll be back online shortly. The payments will start within 48 hours.

    We are sorry for this inconvenience.

    5 Day Funds

    General Financial Management"

    I hope this is real!
  7. incomec3

    incomec3 New Member

    Lets hope it gets back up.
    I joined a little over a week ago.
    Only with 50 bucks though. I went in
    figuring on saying bye-bye to my money.
    (to good to be true)
    Maybe I have!
    Well, I blew 35 on pizza last night[​IMG]
    Good luck to us all!
  8. luisnieva25

    luisnieva25 New Member

    I have a pending $350 withdrawal at 5dayfunds too.

    What is this goldcoders? is this real or just a bluff by 5dayfunds admin.?
  9. Bellegalla

    Bellegalla New Member

    Well it is taking them rather a long time to get back up but they did not have a complete backup system containing all the data or else they would have been up and running within days. They do seem to be taking their time. Supposedly to upgrade security features.
    I have alot tied in with them too, but you got to pay to learn I guess. All anyone can do is wait and see what happens. If I were them I would really move to get things going, they were making a bundle!
  10. richardv

    richardv New Member

    This guys are ripoffs and gone into the blue deep ocean,will never see or hear from them again.
    All thier postings were to divert and buy time to rip=off.
  11. net4pay

    net4pay New Member

    They did that last fall, went private in January 2006, lasted until about Februaryand then disappeared without a word. Take care with them.

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