6 Social Media Marketing tips for MLM/HomeBiz people

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  1. Social Media is one of the best ways of marketing. Everybody wants to have fun, get entertained and educated, that's why millions and millions and millions of people are on social media today.

    This gives you an opprtunity to market your business effectively to a large audience.

    But for most people, social Media means going out there and spamming their affiliate links.
    That's probably not the best way to create a long term sustainable business. I recommend these 6 tips.

    1. look for all options- All social media sites are different and unique in their own ways. Explore all of them and find out what's best for you. Perhaps one particular site reaches a majority of people and so is a worthwhile recipient of most of your efforts.

    2. Approach- you marketing should be value drives, most people forget this, adn they spam their links everywhere. Produce content which helps people.

    3. Stand out- you need to realize that when a person is spanding time on social media, he/she is bombarded by 100s of marketing messages. In your niche/domain itself, there must be 100s of blogs/websites comepting with each other for traffic. You need to stand out.
    Keep the titles interesting, catchy.

    4. Caution- in the spirit of 'standing out' and being different, you can post controversial content, but make sure you dont talk negative about other people/organizations. You can be held liable in a court of law.

    5. type of content- writing articles is a great way to drive traffic and engage visitors, but make sure you also have infographics made. This will be useful for sites loike Pinterest and Instagram. Videos are another great way to engage people. So a good idea would be, when you're writing an article, make a video about it too, as well as an infographic and power point presentation (for document sharing sites like slideshare)

    6. build a list- So you're marketing , you have great content and everything, but if you're not building a list of subscribers, you're missing out on a great opportunity. list bulding helps you with 2 things, you can send your content to your list, in this case, you list is a source of traffic. List building is a great opportunity to build relationship with your subscribers. A person on your list is more likely to buy your product as compared to a person visiting your blog/site first time. How do you build a list? By giving value- ebook/videos in exchange for contact details.
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  3. Thanks!
    Yes, it takes some work. To learn, apply, see what works for you and then share it :)
    Glad you read it!
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