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  1. Drew

    Drew New Member

    I have come accross this site regularly, and couldnt see any posts related to it, I would like an experts opinion on this sort of scheme.


    Please adv what you think?

  2. Hey Drew,

    Never saw it before, but did click on the BBB thing in the sidebar.

    They are listed with bbbonline.org, for what that's worth. They don't ask for any money upfront, have an address listed, from Australia.

    It may be worth a look, but watch out for signing up with E-mail, sometimes that is just bait for Ads sent to your E-mail.

    Good Luck,
  3. pcincome

    pcincome New Member

    Hi Drew

    60 minute money is a group of distributors that work for the same company I work for. This is the name of their "team', like the name for my team is Gateway2Wealth and other organizations have names as well. That's just something that comes about when a group develops leadership and 60 minute money is an excellent team within our company, very supportive, growing fast and I personally know Russell who's name is on the site. He lives in Florida, it just so happens the person who's link you clicked must live in Australia but that doesn't matter, where your sponsor is, the support is all the same.

    The information you'll find offered on the site is NOT how they make money, please understand that. This is how they will teach you about the company, products and marketing systems. People who shy away from this learning curve are usually not good candidates for our/their team because of the time WE invest in training someone.

    We're all looking for leaders, people who have the desire to make a change, who are teachable and willing to work. Please also note this is a business, not a job. A true business does take some up front capital to get started whether in our industry, in franchising or in your local town with a brick and morter business.

    If you fit the criteria I meantioned above, I would tell you to go for it, check it out and if after doing your research you decide it's not for you, you've made an informed decision. Just return the materials for a refund, no problem.

    Good luck in your search.

    P.S. Oh, the email will more than likely put you into an autoresponder follow up system. That's the beauty of automated systems, it will continue to communicate with you all hands free. Should you decide to join that team within our company you too will have access to the same automated system. If at any time you don't want to communicate with whom ever that person is, just click the remove link at the bottom of any email and you're removed from the system
  4. Goldie

    Goldie New Member


    I came upon this post whilst strangely taking a look for my own team, that team being 60 Minute Money.

    It was good to see Karen speaking so positively about the group and I can confirm that what Karen wrote is absolutely on the money [​IMG]

    I have been with the organization now for the past 6 months and the training, support, online tools and the mentor program is the best I had come across in my time on the web attempting to scrape a living.

    At least there is a real business behind it's intentions and those intentions are real, honest and ethical. Anyone looking for a genuine way to work from home would be wise to at least take a look at this one. The market is expanding and with good work ethics and the support given by the team, success can trully be acheived.

    I guess the last question would be, have i made money with the program? my answer would be yes, I have made good money, but at this present time I continue to re-invest profits back into myself in the form of further marketing. Another six months and genuine wealth for ever can and will be acheived.
  5. Linda

    Linda New Member

    Hi I have received the cdrom 60 min money and my mentors name and email but after leaving many messages she hasnt contacted me.Should I be worried?
  6. Goldie

    Goldie New Member

    Hi Linda

    That is very unusual and maybe an indication of your mentors mindset.

    I know from the system that once you begin to review the cd, there is a survey on part 1 of the presentation, if you fill this section out it will trigger an automatic e-mail to your mentor.

    This should jog a few memories !

    if you have further concerns, you know where to find me [​IMG]
  7. net4pay

    net4pay New Member

    I have looked into this, I don't think its a scam. I just wish these people would give you some idea of what you'll be doing upfront though.

    I had to sit through this huge presentation, to find out at the end that its all about selling health products, I believe you have to make a certain amount of sales within certain time periods to stay in it. Its also MLM, you need to sign up people under you to make commissions which is where you earn the money. This is all from memory it was quite a while ago that I looked into it and I've seen hundreds of different things since then.

    I just really hate it when they hype it up big time but don't give you any idea what its about, like we all have time to waste sitting through presentations for nothing!
  8. cyberchick

    cyberchick New Member

    Hi guys, maybe I can enlighten you. Above named is actually Herbalife in disguise. Generally there is nothing wrong with Herbalife, or MLM at all. It is actually a great way to build a business with the possibilities of getting a residual income years down the track.
    But I agree with net4pay that these companies shouldn't disguise their true identity and most importantly not charge people to pay upfront for information on what they actually sell. So much hype out there these days....[​IMG]
  9. Lisa112

    Lisa112 New Member

    Hi everybody,

    Could people involved in 60 minute money program tell me a bit about their positive or negative experiences includind how long were you involved, you metors name if applicable.
  10. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Well, I couldn't understand a word f it since the language of the website is not in English, but I can almost guarantee that you won't make money online within your first 60 minutes...
  11. brindle0812

    brindle0812 New Member

    Hi, I joined 60MM about 4 years ago and due to poor support from my money hungry mentors I lost over 30K.


    You need a big circle of influence to make this work.

    I will say however that Herbalife products are the BEST in the world.
  12. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    cyberchick: Above named is actually Herbalife in disguise. Generally there is nothing wrong with Herbalife, or MLM at all.
    If they are using deceptive marketing tricks like this, then that indicates that there is plenty 'wrong with Herbalife' and MLM's.

    Anyone selling products that are "the BEST in the world" wouldn't have to resort to such trickery and deception.

    MLM pyramids cause such trickery as marketers at the bottom of the pyramid find it nearly impossible to find new pigeons to pluck.



    Initially I thought that the 60minute program was awesome, until I found out to my horror it was herbalife, I had a few horrible experiences with that company, I was duped with a so called diamond distributors, I went to the house and both husband & wife were there , about 15 minutes later, this guy went off unknowing to me, he had gone to a call box, to make many calls, to his house, and his wife kept constantly answering the phones, with false names given, i said i would come back , when they wern't so busy!!!
    as i was driving down the road, I saw the husband clearly in the phone box, well that was 1 of the experiences of herbalife, and a bad one at that....., it made my blood boil...., thankfully I'm involved with a company that is truly honest
  14. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Looks to me like a British website promoting a network marketing opportunity.

    Does it look legit? I think it may be.



    Dear Talfighel,

    Your right it is a british company called Herbalife, and 60 minutes detracts from the company , some would say cloaking it , making it something which it's not... least said the better........................

    Best Wishes

  16. mogulmedia

    mogulmedia New Member

    Anything with a tagline of "60 minute money" I'd b wary of. Oter than that maybe the money they are referring to is $1 in 60 minutes!
  17. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    net4pay: I just wish these people would give you some idea of what you'll be doing upfront though.

    I had to sit through this huge presentation, to find out at the end that its all about selling health products... Its also MLM, ...
    I just really hate it when they hype it up big time but don't give you any idea what its about, like we all have time to waste sitting through presentations for nothing!
    This is getting to be real typical of product based MLM pyramids nowadays.
    A looong presentation that discloses little to nothing.

    THEN, you find out it's something you would have walked, no RUN, away from if you only knew what the name of the business was, or what type.

    Of course, that's the reason they don't want to tell you the name of the business in the first place!


    Dear Tjam Money Man,

    I totally agree with your comments, I have since Joined GDI, Let's try and put 60 minute opportunity, in the bin where it belongs !!!
    Best Wishes
    Michael Roe

    mrmoneyspinner !!!
  19. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    MRMONEYSPINNER: Your right it is a british company called Herbalife
    Herbalife is NOT a British company. They are an American company.
  20. scammedtoooften

    scammedtoooften New Member

    This is serious, I just started by becoming a distributor, is this another scam? Are there no legit work from home, business', or is all we see on the net a scam? My daughter, sent me some negative press on this product, and it was scary. Truly scary. Please, I don't want to lose my shirt.[​IMG]

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