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  1. Jaide

    Jaide New Member

    Has anyone had a chance to check out 6K4You. It is a fast track program to Club Freedom. Club Freedom is an discount travel business.
    Any Opinions?
  2. Jaide

    Jaide New Member

    Is anyone else here with 6k4you or Club Freedom. Club Freedom is not just a discount travel company it is a wholesale access certificate so you can purchase travel at wholesale prices. I am very excited as I have been looking over the packages today and the selection is amazing.

    I would be interested in hearing other peoples opinions.

  3. liveandplay

    liveandplay New Member

    I signed up with Team 6K4YOU and bought two positions for 6,50 usd and one TURBO position for 50 usd, this on 13th of april 2007.
    Both the 6,50 usd and the TURBO position has cycled into Club Freedom, the TURBO is already on planner level in the MAIN Matrix. WOW - this rocks. Soon 6000 usd for me!
    The great thing with TEAM 6K4YOU is that we all work under the same link - so no personal link you have to work yourself - here we all work together.
  4. Jaide

    Jaide New Member

    Team 6k4you seems to be doing a great job. I think anyone involved in 6k4you is benefiting from unbelievable team work. It is wonderful to see you have also found success with 6k4you.
  5. Jaide

    Jaide New Member

    Some great benefits of 6k4you are
    -free to join
    -no monthly fees
    -simple to use system
    -only need 2 people and your upline helps you find those people
    -weekly web conferences
    -fun and supportive team

    I am having alot of fun with 6k4you.

  6. sarkhi

    sarkhi New Member

    i have joined 6k4u for a while ,i havent yet figured out afew things like ;how do you track your level,what in gods name is turbo position? and how do you get it?.b am in need of serious info.
  7. samda

    samda Member

    Yes this site seems to be little interesting. Hope its useful for all

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