A degree in education...will it make me rich?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by adelaida17, Aug 26, 2008.

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    In my family and in my country education has always been a priority. To get a good place in life, to get a well-paid respected job and feel like you have accomplished something in life ??“ you need go to college and get a degree. That is what I did. I studied hard at school, I graduated with excellent grades and I was granted a scholarship at a university. Then I spent 5 years nose to the grindstone to become a linguistic specialist. I liked it. It was hard, but I got my perfect scores. I have a degree now. But when it came to getting an actual job it turned out that the money I was being paid was not enough to live the life I wanted. I wanted to buy a house... cash, a car...cash, and vacations ??“ without saving for a year. Guess what ??“ in reality this is hardly possible. American citizens know it very well...

    That is why my inquisitive mind started looking for an alternative way to become financially independent. After doing some research online I found out about MLMs, affiliate marketing, HYIPs, gifting programs and many, many more.

    I liked the idea of making big money fast but the question was ??“ which system to go with? Which system can I trust ?

    All the businesses I mentioned above offer a very low start-up costs ??“ $200 to $300 dollars. That sounded very attractive but when I did some research I found out that only 5% of people would make the money they are promised, the other 95% of big income "wanters" would end up with nothing because they didn't put enough effort and because the system their were in would not let them do that. You would have to spend at least 5 years to earn a 6-figure income in MLMS. The average person in an MLM makes less than $10 per week. The scarier thing is that only 1 in 1000 people makes more than $100,000 per year. As you can see, it didn't sound very promising. Plus I am a grown up person, I know it takes more than $300 to start a serious successful business.

    The other thing that caught my attention was the Direct Sales industry. While MLMs and similar businesses are for 95 % of the population, the Direct Sales industry is only for 5%. Direct sales appeal to this group of people because of the larger upfront commissions. This industry is more difficult but you get much faster and better results. First of all in direct sales businesses you have to invest at least $2000 to get started (if you look at any traditional business you will realize they usually need more than that). It would also be wise to mention that an individual who spends $1500, $8000, or $13,000 is going to be much more committed to the success of their business. Second, this type of business has 3 products (price ranges mentioned above) with upfront commissions around $2000, $5000 and $8000 plus residual income component in the compensation plan which allows you to build a customer base once and get profit from it forever. And I realized that this last component was the heart of all this business. How simple is that? You build a team of 15-20 reliable and responsible businessmen who will be bringing you income for the rest of your life and you might not have to work any more! Well, I like to work so I would find something else to do anyway...

    And that was it. I made my decision. Direct Sales industry is for me. It offers exactly what I was looking for ??“ a fast and honorable way to make big money ... which will work for you for the rest of your life. I have big plans for my future and I just wanted to share them with you and inspire you to keep looking for YOUR purpose and mission in life. I hope it includes much more than getting stuck at a job where you are not appreciated and rewarded the way you deserve.

    I found my calling, I found my company and I hope you will find what you are looking for and what makes you feel secure and protected.
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    Congrats to you Adelaida! I had to go take a peek at what it was that you found..[​IMG]

    I wish you much success and will see you around,
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    Many times a business changes due to factors beyond your control.
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    You can make the change when you have the correct decision.
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    I'd think your best bet would be going with your experience as an educator. Whether that's a website where you sell affiliate products that help other educators (or to parents using your background to add 'weight' to your recommendations) is totally up to you.
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    Well, I think education makes you richer if what you learn, you keep!

    Like Robert Kiyosaki says: wealth is measure with the money that you keep, not what you earn!

    A high degree only gives you a higher-paying job. But if you don't know how to apply your knowledge, then no matter what degree you do, it's not going to make you any richer. You'll need entrepreneurial training for that matter! lol

    Me too, my parents were focusing on education for job security and high paying job. Now that I'm in the business field, they just hope that my stuff works! That's all!

    However I still need to find my path to wealth! So let's just say I'm testing, looking at every opportunity, analyzing, learning, trying things...

    Enjoy your success!

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