A good mYspace friend adder/messenger/commenter?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by turbopugsleylx, May 3, 2008.

  1. turbopugsleylx

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    Hey Guys I am looking for a good myspace friends adder/commenter I have looked all over the net there are hundreds...I bought friendtools and it is a hunk of junk ...worthless doesn't work...anybody make a good reccomendation for one that works and is effective in getting around captcha?
  2. Breanne

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    I don't think that you will get around captcha codes in MySpace. They have really buckled down on that stuff, and it is a good thing, because many people were getting spammed and what not. Friendblasterpro has been really good for a lot of people I know. They have a free version that allows you to do up to 50 a day or you can buy it and I think then it has unlimited # you can do per day. I suggest if you are really wanting to go that route that you don't do over 100 a day anyway. MySpace could still delete your account because it could be considered spamming if you do it too much.
  3. calmestghost

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  4. bdeluna

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    Myspace is getting picky about that kind of thing. Depending on what you are doing, do a search for the area you are targeting and request to be people's friends. I spend about 15 minutes every day doing that for a local dj and have added more friends that way than I would have spamming...plus I targeted the people looking to network and that were in the age range I was looking for.
  5. calmestghost

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    The only difference between the friend adder that I suggested and manually requesting friends is time spent and ease of use. The friend adder simply reenacts the user's actions. You can still pick whatever demographic you'd like, etc.

    Maybe if you wanted to add say only 50 friends a day, manually doing so would be a good route. But if you want to say request 300 friends daily we're talking about several hours vs a half hour.

    Also, using a friend adder alone isn't spamming, that's what MySpace is for - networking on a wide scale. However if you were using the friend adder in a malicious way, like hacking, phishing, trying to sell sex or guide people unsafely away from MySpace that would be spamming.

    But, if you're a band for example trying to get the word out about your music and promoting yourself, this is not spamming. It's like handing out flyers on the street, you don't have to take one if you're not interested.
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    I'm personaly using Myspace Marketing Manager and it's very practical because it's based on Excel macro so you can find various way of using it. Moreover, it's working also with YouTube, Facebook, Last.fm...

    So you can keep all your friends info on your PC whatever the network is !

    Have a look !


  7. FriendAdder

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    If you're using a Mac then you should definitely check out Spyder. It can do everything all the other PC bots can but looks a hell of a lot cleaner. It even has support for no more captchas which lets you bypass all those pesky captchas for free.

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