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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by odidis, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. odidis

    odidis New Member

    Hi all,

    I was interested in getting
    traffic to my Tianshi site and posted "I need help" elsewhere on this forum, but I have
    since discovered that the key word being
    "tianshi" serves very little purpose since only
    those who know tianshi seems to be searing for

    However, I am now very interested in finding a
    fellow who is ready to build as many mini sites cos I am ready to write the contents.

    The idea is we search out hot keywords, I write
    sharp contents for as many mini content sites as
    possible, based on hot keywords associated with
    discount-afffiliate programs.

    My partner gets domain names
    based on the keywords, build and host the sites
    and we optimise them for traffic. A lot of
    people searching for discounted products on the
    net everyday.

    The sites make money through both affiliate
    programs and google ad sense through a click
    bank account in my partner's name. He keeps 2/3 and sends
    to me 1/3 of monthly income when due.

    I am unable to do this on my own because I am a
    Nigerian. Some of us have created a very bad
    image for my country, and credit card facility
    is not available here.

    Consider carefully this proposition, I
    am the one who will have to trust you. I
    promise to work very hard to make it worth our

    Yours sincerely
    We are not all thieves here, I beleive in honest
    earnings and hope you do too.
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Odidis. Although it's a good idea, it's not that practical. You see, it takes hell lot of effort to promote a single site on search engines. Moreover, even if you manage to get a top ranking, it's not guaranteed. So think about the effort to manage hundred sites [​IMG]
  3. odidis

    odidis New Member

    Vish, There is no easy way to make money, I agree, but I know a couple who are scooping quite a good income monthly doing what I propose.

    Optimization is my least worry. Let me just get a partner with the same spirit who knows to use some building software and can search out low level keywords in the discount category and I will write the contents and we are in buisness.

    I am convinced for there is a a profitable precedence runing right now, and I am itching to get started.

    So if there is anone strong enough to partner with Odidis let him drop me his acceptance and ideas at neshah@wealthyhealthyways.com
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    odidis said:
    I am convinced for there is a a profitable precedence runing right now, and I am itching to get started.

    If you have enthusiasm and perseverance, you can milk any niche. And you seem to have them. Wishing you success Odidis!
  5. hypercybertyper

    hypercybertyper New Member

    The latest internet tools like autoresponders and flash movie presentations are some of the things that help us to promote websites etc. but until now they have always been so expensive! I think that good tools and resources plus good leads are a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to promote a website. The programme I joined does all of this for me. OK I have to put some time and effort into it... and I am not a multi-millionaire yet [​IMG] but we all have to start somewhere.
  6. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Stay focused on what you are doing.

    I wish you success
  7. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    I wish you luck. Anyone how can perservere like you deserves success.

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