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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by Oliviabest, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Oliviabest

    Oliviabest New Member

    Hello, guys! I am just wondering to know what is you favourite color spectrum that you use while a web site designing? Also it would be interesting to know what colors prefer you customers to be used in their design.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I think it depends on what niche you are working in.
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    You want to use a white background and spray some red on the site.
  4. True_True

    True_True New Member


    May I ask why white background and red on the site.?
  5. Oliviabest

    Oliviabest New Member

    I'm also wondered to know why these colors particularly. Talfighel could you specify. As for me that may remind small blood drops [​IMG]
  6. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    One thing to note is different countries see colors differently.
    What may be enticing to some people might be offensive elsewhere.
    A little guide I keep bookmarked is
    http://www.designvitality.com/blog/2007/07/the-colors-matter-how-to-pick-colors-for-a-winning- website-design/

    BUT, don't think any one knows what works best!
    I have been hosting websites for 15 years and what I like doesn't matter.
    I have one client who uses Purple, Blue, and Green.
    Very ghetto to me, yet outranks most other sites I host.
    Granted content makes the difference but he gets compliments too.
    He did it just to be outrageous, which is a strategy unto itself.
  7. faye

    faye New Member

    I agree, the colour spectrum should harmonise with your business concept / company's colour scheme / client's (company's) colour scheme. And with what kind of an image you're trying to build up.

    As Just2EZ pointed out, different colours mean different things in different cultures. I think Asian cultures must be shaking their heads at Western brides getting married in a white gown, since there it is often the colour of death.

    Maybe some more input on what you're trying to do could help us give you more specific ideas.
  8. Oliviabest

    Oliviabest New Member

    I can give you an example of my client's answer [​IMG] as to proposed web design.
    From the very beginning she even didn't specify what colors I have to use in and than said that any colors to be used in design will be appreciated. After making a model she said that everything was ok. She liked general appearance, colors and so, but still she would like to add some green in here and in there and there! [​IMG]
  9. simpleflair

    simpleflair New Member

    ohhh... the joy of designing a website for a client! You can design the best looking site but the client can always add or take away design elements just because he/she didn't feel it! I used to make a living designing websites and at the end of the day, happy client is the best client.
  10. Oliviabest

    Oliviabest New Member

    May be someone will share with related interesting and funny stories. It would be great to know one's bright experience moments.
  11. katereber

    katereber New Member

    Maybe you can try the black background.. and for the fonts try the blue or red..
    That's my suggestion because those are my favorite colors..

    Good day!!! [​IMG]
  12. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    katereber: black background
    Black has always been my favorite too, my home page still is.
    In theory it saves energy by not turning on pixels for color.
    I prefer green, gold, or blue fonts on black backgrounds.
    But alas, as I stated before, it doesn't matter what I like.
    The customer is always right,
    or at least they pay me to do it their way then change it again and again.
    I'd rather do it once but change is good and practice makes perfect.
  13. katereber

    katereber New Member

    That's right Just2EZ, it's just a suggestion but in the end they still the one who can choose colors for their website design..
  14. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Just2EZ: The customer is always right,
    or at least they pay me to do it their way then change it again and again.
    Once again, make that 3 times in the past 24 hours.
    The bootmaker wanted to change his site to a "plain lite tan" background and "dark type"
    (from a dark brown leather background with a cream colored type).
    He also wanted to get rid of all the boxes around items, didn't know he hated boxes.
    After 5 years he finally tells me what he likes and doesn't like!
    Actually he didn't even tell me, my son who is his apprentice told me.

    Anyway, I did it his way, plain background, plus a "sample" page with cream leather background.
    Told me this morning to use the sample for all the pages.
    Sometimes the client really doesn't know what they want.
    Wonder what he'd do if I changed my mind about my boot colors after he cuts & sews them?
    That's how I solved the problem, charged him for doing it 3 times.
    Pays for a pair of custom boots pretty quick that way, my 3rd pair.
    So, the customer MAY be right but some need help seeing ideas.
  15. katereber

    katereber New Member

    Hi there Jimmy,
    I saw your site It's Just2EZ and I like it.
    The color are simple but professional look.
    I like the color combination.

    You rock! [​IMG]

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