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    Can someone tell me about A*S? I am in acti****ions. I received a offer for A*S. Stressful? How does the pay per talk time work? If I start training with A*S, can I still work acti****ions? A*S is more money but is it also more stressful? What is the max hours to work that line and is the max hours possible?
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    AYS is sometimes just a mess lot lots more stressful then VM activations once you go to AYS then thats where you work but you do not lose activations as far as hours go I could never work even two hours staright on AYS my nerves get to bad people cussing in bad mood won't speak up, if there is any pissed off customers they come to AYS Where's my money gone my ringtones don't work or I did not get them Can you give five free minutes on on on on
    AYS does not pay enough and feedbacks they always start out real good then towards the end they find something you did wrong or could have done better I use to get all good feedbacks earn lots of virgin mobile bucks now at least one u and feedbacks everyday or other day...there are times very few its not so bad maybe I get all the bad calls but to me it is hell!

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