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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Pathacaun, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Pathacaun

    Pathacaun New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I am new here but not new to the internet world of scams, mlm, networking, Etc Etc, Looking for the impossible, but I am a great believer that it is out there somewhere,

    I can't sell,promote,recruit, work leads, etc, and have very little money in fact due to the world recession I now have even less and huge monthly bill, only work part time, and that is not too good but I have to scrape by on it, I badly need to reduce my bills,

    I will try anything so long as it is honest repuitable program,
    I would love something passive, so would we all,

    I don't want millions just a little and often,

    thank you all
  2. kencraw

    kencraw New Member

    If you are in need of some weekly cash, let me suggest doing some writing for Demand Studios. They pay weekly for writing 300-500 word articles on titles they have. It takes some time to understand thier guidelines, but it is money weekly. Not an affiliate program or anything. I still write there to pay for some of my advertising. Its worth your time to look into it
  3. Pathacaun

    Pathacaun New Member

    thank you very much Kencraw
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I wish I could offer something, but I don't think there's really a whole lot out there that describes what you are looking for...my best suggestion is to check out elance.com and see if there are any jobs that fit your skills.
  5. StarMarketing

    StarMarketing New Member

    That can be tricky - the Internet is a wasteland of scams. You have to be very careful - especially if money is tight.

    So much of what is out there, requires up front spending and then fending for yourself [​IMG] It is really horrible.

    I would recommended determining "what" you can do and "what" you want to do - along with what your expectations are (money to earn, time to invest, what the work is that you will be doing).

    Once you find those out, reach out to people and establish trust with others - people who will respond to phone calls, emails and give you great information and help "for free" without asking for anything.

    These are the people you want to work with - get to know them first, find out everything about them and their operation ahead of time.

    Then you can start to make an informed decision.

    Never give money for something upfront unless you know exactly what is involved, how to work it, and how you will receive compensation.

    Also - keep in mind that most opps on the Internet are just that: "opps" - meaning you aren't earning a wage, or trading hours for dollars - you have the opportunity to go to business for yourself - which never guarantees income.

    Only those who work them (and it is hard) can earn money.

    Hope this helps - and I wish you the best of luck!
  6. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    Pathacaun: I can't

    Before you find your perfect system you need to remove those two words from your vocabulary and open your mind.

    If you decide to do that. Lots of people will be able to help you achieve what it is you really want.

  7. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    i must agreed with Matt, you have to remove the word. If you keep saying that you cant, then you cant make money. but if you say you can, yeah you sure can make money. just be confident in yourself. There were many home business discuss in this forum, i hope you will look around a little bit and find what home biz suit for you.. good luck [​IMG]
  8. Pathacaun

    Pathacaun New Member

    thank you Matt and John, you are so right it is not that I can't one must not think negative, but I have tried lots of programs over time and if yer lucky ya break even if not yer scammed
    but ye all know that,

    I am in a situation where my monthly outgoings are more than my monthly income, and I need to do something serious about my
    finances, I work as much as I can but that is simply not enough,

    Oh please teach me, how do I edit my original topic or can I??

    thank you
  9. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Pathacaun: how do I edit my original topic or can I??
    It's too late to edit it now, but don't worry about it. [​IMG] You can only make corrections to your posts for a few minutes after you initially post them.

    Writing for others is a good way to get you some immediate cash flow, but it isn't really the most practical way to go about earning money online. That's not ever going to become "passive" for you, because you are actually creating the foundation of "passive" income for someone else, when you write for others.

    Do it, if necessary, to make enough money to re-invest in writing for yourself. That's where the passive income eventually comes in.

    I don't know of anything that you can do that will give you passive income immediately. However, if you build your own little online business website with your own content, it will eventually start bringing in passive income for you.

    I learned to build websites about subjects that interested me. It was slow going at first, though made much easier by using SiteBuildIt (SBI) for the learning and building process.

    I only made about $1200 profit the first year. That wasn't a lot of work for all the effort I put in, but now I'm making passive income (more or less) every month from that first site and I've started to duplicate my efforts by creating additional websites.

    My income increases and increases steadily. Eventually, my sites will need very little maintenance and they will be bringing me thousands of dollars per month for very little continued effort. That's a true asset.

    You CAN do this. It's just that you need to have the right mindset going into it. If you are expecting to make big money quickly, you're doomed to failure and discouragement because you'll quit when it doesn't happen.

    If you allow yourself the freedom to put forth the effort of researching and writing about a subject you enjoy, you'll be very pleased with the results in the long run - particularly if you follow the proven site building techniques as taught by SBI.

    Wishing you all the best.

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