A viable solution to high unemployment and recessions

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by FreeCashMan, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I know some people, in the U.S.A. are hanging on for a return to the good 'ole days, the way it was, but it just isn't going to happen.

    Higher unemployment and recessions appear to be hear to stay for the immediate and distant future.

    In the below CNN article it talks of how 7% or greater unemployment will be here for quite some time because what it takes to make up for the jobs that have been permanently loss can't possibly be recovered quickly especially when you factor in the growing demand of new adults looking for jobs. And what I found more intriguing is the statement that there will be multiple recessions in the coming years. See: http://cnnmoney.mobi/money/archive/archive/detail/220259/full#p2

    The question is, is home business opportunities: network marketing, direct sales, mlm, the most viable solution to those looking to earn income in this new era and relieve their unemployment and recession blues, or to avoid a layoff/firing that leave one immediately struggling?

    Certainly, technology has changed the "game" in the work place along with outsourcing, that for most businesses makes just good business sense. Now since even college graduates are suffering in job searches, making going back to school to get a better job, little more than an education to get in debt more with student loans that one can't repay, are we forced to work together, to network and find prosperity by collective efforts.

    Many people are stuck on looking for a job, but it would appear many people better get stuck on finding that viable home business network marketing opportunity(s) that they can commit to like going to school to get an education, like a job, in order to manifest financial relief.

    A guy emailed me today to say, your business/system may be great, but I've given up on all these computer work from home b.s. because in the end they are all b.s.

    While certainly such is not true, and reflects his frustration in "pursuit of happyness," which has its merits, however I wonder did he quit, or would he quit, looking for a job, if he is not making the money he desires, or not working and able to adequately support himself or family.

    Yesterday, I got cussed out by a guy that called me, go figure, about working from home, because he was mad he would have to recruit or refer others that would be looking and want to make money working from home with a viable home business like himself.

    Well those persons, like others can run, but it would appear from the CNN article they won't be able to hide, because home business network marketing opportunities may be the most viable relief option from long term projected high unemployment and the multiple coming recessions.

    Peace and blessings
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    More insight on how those in the unemployment line should look to home business for changing their financial woes.

    "In a very fragile and dangerous economy, it may be a luxury for those who are currently employed to love what they do. In some cases, with the reality of layoffs and forced retirement, starting a home business may be the only alternative that one has."

    See the full article at:
    Suite101: Home Business - A Cure for Unemployment: Starting a Home-based Business May be a Personal Recovery Plan:
  3. wealthbuilders

    wealthbuilders New Member

    Their unemployment checks will run out - it is vital to get something in place to secure your future for the long term! Well said FreeCashMan.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The facts continue to pile up that people MUST get busy doing something for themselves.

    Here's an MSN article that talks of how retirement for a lot of people is being on hold

    http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/RetirementandWills/CreateaPlan/6-reasons-retirements-are- being-delayed.aspx

    What this amounts to is people will be slaved to a job, if they can find one, until they can't work anymore.

    Life is for pursuing opportunity and living more abundantly. Believe wholeheartedly that success will be yours, and you will Receive it, if you put the necessary things in action and don't quit.
  5. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    I agree with you. It was just put on MSN that 1 in 10 homes will go into foreclosure due to job loses and unemployment running out. I think some people thinks the government will take care of them. But guess what people are running out of unemployment benefits as well and it hasn't helped anything. We need to make a decision to help oursleves.
    Also people are taking early retirement because they can't find a job!! At least those that can qualify. but what are the rest of the people suppose to do. think about it people. Always have a plan B going or get it going as you have found out you can't rely on a job or the government[​IMG] we are talking about doing a double dip recession.
    We are liable to get alot more phone calls venting on us. Oh well part of the business I guess but it really shouldn't be.
  6. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    This is just mind blowing. A guy on CNBC this morning, in the mist of a discussion about STOPPING additional unemployment benefits, was explaining that there are 5 people per 1 job available.

    People that means that only 20% of the people that can work, looking for work, that are willing to work will find a job in these days and time.

    Seriously, stop looking for a job and stop pursuing opportunity that will change your life. The odds are not in your favor in the job search.
  7. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    I am not so sure you are offering a viable solution. If people are recruited into something and not saying a particular opportunity but there are many pie in the sky stories and exaggerated earnings figures, most will fail when they realize they can't duplicate or know they have been mislead.

    Recruiter must be honest and upfront about opportunity to increase chances of success.

  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Home business opportunities are a solution hands down. Are you judging home business as a solution because there are some dishonest people. I hope not, because there are the same percentage of dishonest people in corporate brick and mortar.

    The complaint is nice, but you didn't offer a counter solution.

    When only 20% of the people looking for work will find a job, then how is that networking together is not a viable solution?
  9. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    The facts are the majority of people that join a MLM's do not make more than $100 a month. Drop out are factored into percentages.

    I am not saying you can't make money with MLM's but there are more failures than successes.

    I never said I had a solution to high unemployment and recessions.

  10. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    In "yesterdays" mlm's you are correct. But it's a new day, my friend.

    People fail in network marketing because they don't understand how to determine their probability for success with that comp-plan and for those that follow.

    Yes, must network marketing opportunities are not really structured for you to win big in a short period of time, if at all. That's why they have created a frenzy of people that think their mlm success hinges on the greatness of a product. While business people understand numbers and operations that will make a business profitable or not.

    So, that being said, jobs are not coming back, like yester-years, and going forward people simply need to understand that and think pro-actively to find financial solutions.

    I don't have a solution to high unemployment and recession either either [​IMG] but I offered up a thought that I felt needs to be considered for those looking for financial relief.
  11. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    MLM's can provide financial relief but it is going to take some time and investment. Unemployed people do have the time but not always the money to invest.

    My advice to someone unemployed looking at MLM's would be, find a job with regular paycheck first and then slowly build MLM opportunity where it can replace job and potentially have more earnings possibilities.

    Someone lured into a MLM with hopes of making a living right off the bat would very disappointed in most cases.

  12. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Like I said that was yesterdays, mlm.

    And how can you suggest to someone to find a job when there is 1 job for every 5 people.

    Again that means only 20% of the people that won't to work that can work and are willing to work will be able to get work. Ooops, a job.

    Real opportunity is where it's at. It's not the MLM and it's "i got the greatest product of all times", it's the comp-plan that is the power. When you have one, like, I work with, a true comp-plan that works for some average person, then it's a game changer. Network marketing and income made will never be the same.
  13. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    The compensation plan has to be good I agree but there better be a real product or it is a pyramid scheme and will be shut down eventually and then members that were making a living will be looking for a job.

  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I hear ya.

    That's the bill of goods that all the broke people that join all these mlm's have suffered from, and I was no exception. Products don't make you money, they keep you engaged and off point.

    What good is it if you have the cure for cancer product and you can't make money, unless you are running some charitable organization, and even they need money.

    Pyramid, smyramid! People that are not succeeding and just complaining, spend their time trying to determine what is or is not a pyramid, illegal pyramid to be more specific and on point. Not to be confused with a ponzi, which deals with investing money.

    Now here are the facts. You name any company and I can tell you how, they all would be shut down by gov't officials, ftc, etc. if they wanted to or or could. So trying to determine who is or what will be based on their product will continue to leave many in the same broke situation.

    People need to stop looking for a mlm to be their next 40-40 plan, like a corporate job they can't find, that doesn't offer such.

    Business people look for a profitable business. They don't invest in Home Depot based on how great any product is in the store, they don't go in there and say let me check out all the products in the store to see if they are the greatest, best, or something like that. They look to see if the business has a profitable "game plan".

    But us common, consumer folks that get misinformation while the rich stay rich, trying to think we know how to evaluate business by seeing how great and viable the product is, project how long a company will be around, blah, blah, blah, based on what we individually think of the product. If it ain't cash gifting, then it is what is as to the product.

    Systems make money, we know not that one biz that will last forever. If all those that joined Amway in the beginning had known it would still be around today and a mega company they would have never gottten out, but I'm sure they all thought they were making a very smart move then. Like those that didn't stay with Bill Gates, when he birth his ideal. I can go on and on.

    As I've stated over and over, a powerful comp-plan that can legitimately be income generating effective for the average person, with a decent product, and the participants will make money hand over foot, versus a shoddy comp plan with the greatest product since slice bread. And then even that shoddy comp-plan and company can be subject to non favorable government action. Just ask ACN that was just charged with being an illegal pyramid by the Montana AG, after what 10 years of business, or so.

    Lastly if one gets trapped in the "i got the greatest product" they will eventually be old news, because someone will come out with a better "greatest product."

    Get in business, network marketing, affiliate marketing, brick and mortar business, etc., to make money or don't get in business. If you just want to buy and get some alleged good deal on a product some company is offering just go to store/rep and buy it.

    I'm in business to make money first, with something that makes me money, or else I'm not in business I'm just playing tricks on my mind with some fancy smancy product.
  15. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    how many have been in MLM's over the years just to give up and say the company is bad or doesn't work etc. The comp plan has alot to do with it I agree. You have to maintain or reach certain levels to get any significant income comming in and that takes time. Alot of people don't have that kind of time or inclination to do the work. Sad but true. Does it make it a bad company.....no not really. Somebody is making money it just happens to not be you at the bottom. Some people get into business and expect things to happen over night.....not reality folks. But there are some business that can build quciker than others can. And the pay is better than most I have seen. I have been in alot of MLM's in the past and was really burned out on them. I wasn't looking for another one. But here I am giving it a try again. Not selling though. that I don't want to do again. Been there done that. No more. But that is just me. Some people love to sell and have a passion for it. That is great for them. Love what you do is always a must in any business. Otherwise you give up on it. Just like you get tired of your job if you had one.

    I have to agree with Free CAsh Man the jobs are not coming back like they were. So we have to create our own plan B. Social Security I don't think is to be relied on much longer either. I feel sorry for the young people out there now trying to get a job and have paid for all this education and it might not get them anywhere at all.
  16. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    FreeCashMan what is name of the MLM company you are with?

  17. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    We have system styled opportunity called Trifecta Cashflow System for Success. There's flexibility in what we do to allow for long lasting success. So it's about the system not just any one particular business opportunity. However it's the simple empowering comp plan structure that makes the difference in income earned vs not earned in other network marketing home businesses.
  18. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    OK but there must be some company and products or services. What company or companies do your commission checks come from?

  19. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Did you view the presentation, its all there. I don't want to try and make this a thread outside of its purpose or to be misconstrued as a promo on my part. You have all my contact information. I'm readily available. If you didn't view the presentation then you can get the details for replay and next live calls on the website from when you opted in, and in your email. So if there's an interest the info is there. We have, just like all others, a presentation that properly explains things, and our presentation is not some hyped up bull crap because we don't have to be, because of the system and what it literally has the ability to do for creating significant income in a short period of time.

    Sincere regards.
  20. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    OK, well then e-mail the name of the companies.


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