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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by bacpro, May 16, 2006.

  1. bacpro

    bacpro New Member

    Is anybody involved with this new program?
    This the so called charge that is used on cell
    phones. They claim over 35k members, in just
    a few weeks of being introduced....Any feed
    back on this company?

    Here what I'm thinking. It sounds like a big
    market fraud & hyip. The reason I'm thinking this
    they sell 10 units for 250.00, but you have only
    one option to pay and thats with a money order
    or cashiers check. Why!, because if it is a scam
    than you have no recourse. It reminds me
    of the scam that was very popular a few years ago.

    The laundry ball, anybody remember that, it turned
    out that it contained water and was a total scam, but
    a lot of people bought it.

    Any feed back?

    PS: I joined but when it came to buying the product
    thats where I stopped. Why would they only want a
    money order, why not make easier with paypal, Alertpay
    or even a credit card????? It just don't sound right, gut feeling.
  2. charger

    charger New Member

    I ordered 10 units and they are due in next week. If you like, I be glad to hold one for you and put it in the mail.
  3. bacpro

    bacpro New Member

    Have you gotten your units?
  4. 2workonline3792

    2workonline3792 New Member

    I don't think it's a scam. I joined the other day and have spoken to a few other people who have joined as well. I understand that this is a new start-up company and they are in pre-launch right now.

    One person has a demo unit, but the company Voxred International has improved the unit. I have not placed an order yet. The product is made & ships from China. If you want to info on the company, go to their website, Voxred International. There are also a couple of articles on the site listed below, that you can read that give you some info about the beginnings of this product.

    I guess we just have to wait & see.

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