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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by sairashab, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. sairashab

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    Hi, I read someone saying that she works for coastal synergy group or winningwithcoastal. I wanted to ask that I have been trying to do that but wasn't sure about them. What do I have to invest and how does it work?

    The other thing is that I saw an ad on career builder. It was starting your own business. The name of the comapny is Premier Team International. I visited the website, left my contact information, and a lady contacted me back. She sent me there package via email and asked me totake my time to review the material so that I can make an educated decision. The package includes a video they has interviews of many different people, a work book and an audio. Apparantly, it seems a genuine company. They did not say that you will get rich quick. Instead, they were like it depends on individuals. When ever any of those individuals told how much they earned, there was a caption saying it depends and varies from individual to individual.

    Please help me out!
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I'd suggest checking out those companies out on http://RipOffReport.com and see what kind of information you can find about them.
  3. PNL Travel

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    Hi sairashab,

    Coastal Synergy Group and winningwithcoastal are the same thing. They are a support and training network within Coastal Vacations. I am also a part of Coastal, but I am not with the Synergy Group.

    There are many, many groups within Coastal. I am with the Coastal WealthBuilders. I would be happy to talk to you about how it works and the investment, just check out my sig line. My contact info is on my site.

    As far as Premier Team International, I think that is a group within Herbalife. They are a health and wellness company. I really don't know anything more about them.

    Hope this helps!


  4. cashwealth

    cashwealth Guest

    Hi sairashab,

    There is lot's of different groups with different way promoting coastal. Make sure check out all before you make your final decision.
    Info on my group in my sig line. If you want to take time, check us out also.
    Rhanks, and good luck to you,

  5. sairashab

    sairashab New Member

    thanks! umm yeah premier international is a herbal life group .... But I just wanted to make sure that this is a legitimate company... i tried to search it on bbb, but it didn't return any results .. it only tells about premier team online but not premier team international ... I talked to the lady on phone and she didn't seem to be lying ... and seemed trustworthy. Someone told me to look for this company on ripoffreport.com ... but they also have report on premier team online.

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