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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by sorbjac, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. sorbjac

    sorbjac New Member

    hi guys, any comment on Typeinternational.com. Seems a legitimate typing job..
    Appreciate your comment,

  2. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi sorbjac
    I'll take a look at it, too.
  3. sorbjac

    sorbjac New Member

    Hi Robin,

    Appreciate that. Thanks a lot...

  4. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi sobjac
    My initial impression is that typeinternational is a bid-for-project service somewhat like Guru.com. I looked at the job offerings, which seem similar to Guru, also. I can't recommend or not recommend this, but it looks okay from what I read. You could check some of the scam sites to see if this company appears there. There are some of these scam sites listed in other areas of the forum. Good Luck! I hope you find something you like.
  5. bylla

    bylla New Member

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