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    Has anyone tried absystems.com for medical billing franchise? Basically they train and provide all the marketing training and SW for everything that you need to start medical billing company, but the franchise fee is pretty high($19,990). If anyone has any idea about this franchising company, would you please let me know? Thanks
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    Be very careful with this.

    I lost alot of money with something like this.

    Along with the SW and training you need Doctors and they do not let someone without any experience take over their billing.

    I was offered the same deal, the people who owned the company were later convicted of fraud. They had over 1000 people file complaints against them with the Texas AG's office. When they received my money, their assests had already been frozen in Texas.

    I work in medical billing now. After finishing a 2 year propgram at a local college. And I had a hard time finding a job without any experience.

    Be careful.
  3. Dec242008

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    Thank you very much for your reply!!!

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