Abundant Living System..How is it working for you?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by kwilk82, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. kwilk82

    kwilk82 New Member

    I've signed up about three weeks ago and so far I'm impressed. My advertising efforts are starting to pay off. What are some of your thoughts about this system? Can you share advertising ideas? I've been involved with text ads and a few classified ad sites.
  2. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    I have had great success.....Email me if you have any questions:

  3. kwilk82

    kwilk82 New Member

    I will be sending you an email.
  4. 2500PerDaycom

    2500PerDaycom New Member

    ALS is a excellent cash gifting program! It's work great for me. I recommend use purchase there co-op shares in your backoffice. I receive pleasing results from them. [​IMG]
  5. 2500PerDaycom

    2500PerDaycom New Member

    Any Abundant Living System {ALS} members out there watching the total gifts received counter?... I see it at $3.4M! Has it move since they put it up? [​IMG]
  6. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    ALS has been a blessing to me and many others.
  7. kwilk82

    kwilk82 New Member

    Yes, The counter has moved. I was thinking about trying the co-op program
  8. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    I received another $650 this weekend..2-$250 signups and 1-$150. This program is second to none.


    Good question,

    With so many to choose from, here are the tips I found most valuable. The 1-Up systems are my least favorite, especially if you are a newbie to gifting. Why, simple, you have to pass up your first gift, and many newbies may only get one gifter, so I like the systems where you don't pass up first gift as I feel it is far more important to get your newbies into profit as quickly as possible.

    There are many variables, but you have to find the one that is best suited for you, and this is important to fully inderstand. Some are hard sale dependent, others are totally automated, so look at the tools provided along with support. With 1-UP systems, once your sponsor gets first pass up gift from your efforts, they are usually long gone. I hear this complaint all the time when people contact me, so look for system which insures your sponsor is also a lifetime mentor, this makes a huge difference, especially for new people.

    Generally they all work similar, so don't jump at the first one is my best advice. I spent months researching them all before I made my decision, so doin't be rushed, take you time, ask questions, see how easy or difficult it is to contact your sponsor. Remember, look for a new friend first, and the money will follow. Don't fall for the hard sale, look for the best automated systems which do not sell it, just tell it, that is my preference.

    Success to all, Mike
  10. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    WARRANTIES4LESS: With so many to choose from, here are the tips I found most valuable. The 1-Up systems are my least favorite, especially if you are a newbie to gifting

    I too am no fan of 1-up systems, especially as concerns CashGifting.

    And why should admin get $50?

    Finally $75 seems a bit steep as a starting point, with the next level being $150.

    It looks then like you'll start out paying $125, unless I am missing something.

    So much for the criticism.

    I like that there is a co-op ad plan, but can anyone testify as to how well it actually works?

    Pardon me, but EzyCashGifting starts out a LOT cheaper - $5, eventually reaching $1000, but by VERY affordable steps ($5,10,25,50,100, 250,500,1000).
    NO admin fee.
    NO 1-up rip-off!
    Fully AUTOMATED!

    Oh well, good luck 2 u all, whatever your CG method.

    I feel CG systems are valid, here to stay, and a Godsend in this bummed out economy.
    We are going to have to learn to help each other out, if we are going to make it.
    CG systems do this quite nicely IMHO.



    Having researched them all, and now seeing a few new ones pop up, there is no doubt this is a booming activity more are discovering as this economy heads for disaster. I wouldn't have believed it myself unless seeing it happen, the worse the recession gets, the more response I am seeing to our post card system, never mind the SEO efforts I have been working on.

    Seeing my other online and offline businesses start to be impacted by recession over past year, PPC results dying, affiliate conversions down, and generally, a massive slow down, I started to search for recession proof businesses to bolster up earning as recession gets deeper, which is what is happening worldwide now.

    When looking at any business, there is always the issue of cost, this is the first decision one makes, how much to risk, and make no mistake, unless you are serious about making money sitting at your computer, no risk, no reward, the same as with all business ventures. The way I looked at it is simple. Once you identify a business you want to work, or in gifting, the best proven system, then what it costs to get started should not be part of your decision process. So many make this mistake and go with the least expensive start up costs, but think about it, if it takes the same time and money to promote, where does it make sense to start with the nickel dime level businesses.

    Sorry, but having been working online since before internet went commercial, the time and effort factor is the most important decision in your choice of business or money making activity. This is the real investment you make in your success, not the start up costs. You get what you put into your business, so when making your decision, don't make it on start up costs or you will regret it. Those who choose this method of decision are not committed for the long term is what I have witnessed over the years. Serious committed online incomes will not happen at the $50.00 start up point in my opinion.

    Success to all, Mike
  12. Jeff Pike

    Jeff Pike New Member

    I am also in the Abundant Living System and I can truly say that I love it. I joined 4 months ago and haven't looked back. Best wishes to you all.

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