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  1. Kaza

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    Hi I am fairly new to this site.....I have been searching for a work at home business for some time now.....I finely signed up to keyboarding4cash 2 weeks ago now and am still waiting for a refund for the rip off.....I live in Australia and for some reason I can't access their site since I gave them my money.....and since requesting a refund they suddenly don't even respond to my emails now.....I have been checking another one out called and would be grateful of any good or bad info if anyone out there has heard of them.....I am waiting on their information brochure which is suppose to arrive by mail in the next 24 hours so should be interesting to see what it is....I have not parted with any money at this stage after the rip off from the keyboarding4cash one..... please if anyone can give me a heads up thanks......Kaza....
  2. samda

    samda Member, i have tried to access. But now i think their server is down. Any site server going down, is unfair.

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