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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Soc_Coach, Dec 14, 2007.

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    I have been in network marketing for around 5 years and have had many good and some bad experiences. Of all the businesses I have been in, I have always run across the same problem, how to keep a personal relationship with your team on a regular basis. The internet can be so cold sometimes, in fact most of the time it is. We email which is not very personal compared to sending a hand written letter. We chat via instant messengers instead of a phone call. And we use conference calls in replacement of meeting venues and places where we used to meet face to face.

    I always suffered from that remorse that I wasn't keeping in touch enough, having so many people to talk to, birthdays, ect.. and before I knew it I was losing people because I wasn't "doing enough", at least in their eyes, no matter how much I was contacting them, or trying to help them. I discovered that a littler personal tough was needed, and once I saw the power of human contact again, I noticed my business began to flourish, and then pour in and I noticed repeat sales from customers that I hadn't heard from in months!

    What did I do that boosted sales? I sent a personalized card to some of my business associates and customers thanking them for their business. It was a simple thing and within a week I noticed results. But the thought of doing such a task is mind boggling, imagine buying all those cards, then handwriting them all, on top of licking, stamping, and sending them out. Just to do that for some people would require building your own mail center and hiring people to do all the dirty work.

    But what if you didn't have to do all that, in fact what if there was a business that allowed you to import all your contacts, use your own handwriting font, and label, stamp, and send all your cards first class mail to your business associates, customers, and contacts? I found just that, in fact today I sent out 24 custom cards with my own pictures, and gift cards, some with cookies and other tasty treats. The best thing? I saved 60% what people pay for cards in the store.

    If you are ready to learn how to create an extremely fast growing business, and act on a prompting that will double your business, then I encourage you to click on my signature and discover that missing link to having a personal relationship with your business partners.

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    Sounds pretty good. I use video mail and video conferencing which is also very effective.

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    I to Love SendOutCards it such a great company. I've sent out over 100 card at Christmas time in a matter of 5 minute in years past it would take me days to send that many out. I also love the fact that I can add gifts, gift cards or even a check to someone all at the click of a mouse. I was at the hospital the other day and there was a very nice man I met who's wife was under going cancer surgery the out come wasn't good. So on my way home I logged onto my computer and set him a card wishing him and his wife encouragement and he called me to thank me for my concern. He's now a customer and he thanked me again for helping him keep in contact with his customers, family and friends. If any one wants a way to build there business or as a way of adding more income SendOutCards is the way to go. I use them in my Travel business and now I have more time to do the things I need to do build personal relationships with my clients.
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll admit, I need to get a little bit better at creating that personal touch for each one of our business associates. Particularly as our team has grown so quickly. I do always return calls, send regular emails, host conference calls, etc. but always worry about those who don't regularly participate in the activities.

    I've have been wanting to send out a personal note to our team members for sometime. After hearing of your experiences I've decided I'm going to do it sooner, rather than later.

    Video email can be effective as well. There's nothing like someone taking the time to address you by name in a video email.

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    we have started using text messages... Really the wave of the future!! Or maybe the present! lol!
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    Send Out Cards is so much more personal than a cold text message or a video email it shows you spent the time a did something personal and not a cold annoying text message. Personally I won't want someone send me something that cost me money like a text message.
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    SOC is a great way to keep in contact with your downline, family, and friends and is something you can do as a business or a way to show someone you care. You owe it to yourself to at least try it out for free you won't be disappointed and you have nothing to loose.
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    MLM is a tough row to hoe.

    That is all,

    Jaime McCarley
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    I love Send Out Cards!

    Joining Send Out Cards has been one of the best business decisions in so many ways!


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