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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by dbass2, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. dbass2

    dbass2 New Member

    I am a new member to ASD. Did some research for about a couple months. Read some forums. Everything I read seemed good enough for me to send $500 and try it out. 10 days later, I have a cash balance of $7.13 cents. I have only been paid for surfing for 3 days out of the last 12. I have talked to several people about joining last week and was starting get some interest and could have possibly signed up about 5 new people. One person did send a certified check last week for $500 dollars. Still not credited a dime. Now there is not a chance of signing up any new people. They all think Im a fool and have been screwed. And they won't even consider sending a dime to this unorganized, joke of a company. At this point I'd consider myself lucky to get a fraction of my initial money back.

    Reading this forum has given me some hope because of all the positive talk about ASD and the reputation of Andy. Please be patient. Please be patient. Please be patient. Well Im sorry folks. Actions speak louder than words. Show me some results. Fix the website, return my calls, but most importantly, credit my account the funds you promised me! At this point the only person on this forum that seems to talk any sense is INVESTIGATOR.

    Until I see some action, Im done with this SCAM [​IMG]
  2. dbmaxx

    dbmaxx New Member

    I cannot say that I blame you. I am holding off on telling anyone to get into this until I come back from Chicago and see a functioning website. I am hoping that Andy's business expertise can be seen first hand because so far all it has been for me is political speak.

    I like the concept but we need some implementation to what is being promised. An internet advertising company with a nonfunctioning website is hard to sell. FIX IT!!
  3. MrDoh

    MrDoh New Member

    I can understand your pain and were I new I'd likely be more nervous as well.

    I think the real difference is that some of us have been in it longer than a week or two and have seen the daily rebates, and some (not me, but my sponsor and his) are drawing checks.

    We've also seen them keep their word when things have gone wrong.

    ASD has said they know they've missed some rebate payments over the last few days and will rebate everyone what has been missed. Just like us, they apparently can't get to the site reliably to do anything when the IT guys have it down.

    Quite frankly, all any of can do right now is wait until the site is fixed and see if they keep their word as they have in the past. All any of us can do is hang on. If they don't, I'll be the first with a pitch fork. Heck, I know people in ASD, including my sponsor and his, that live close enough to Quincy to pitch a fit.

    And for the record, I am not, and have not been introducing anyone to ASD since the site started to slow down at all from where it was when I joined.

    Just know it hasn't always been this way.
  4. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    This isn't the time to be introducing ASD...let ASD fix itself first otherwise all you're doing it going people a bad impression of ASD the way it looks now
  5. LauraLicata

    LauraLicata New Member

    Hi dbass,

    I'm pretty new to this company as well and it does seem like pretty bad timing. If you spend time reading through the threads you can see that many people have done exceptionally well with this company.

    I like to read the posts of the people with a realistic attitude and not just pumping the program up. Changes need to be made but I wouldn't give up!

    Take care,

  6. logicalusa

    logicalusa New Member

    dbass. Your frustration is obvious. If you have made up your mind that this is a "scam" by an "unorganized joke of a company" as you said, I hope you get your money back and can move on and find a better home based business that isn't a "scam" or "an unorganized joke of a company". Why would you want to stay with this company even when things get fixed right?

    If you have read the forums as you said, you would know that the company has been saying all along that you will be credited with surfing. Yeah, action speak louder than words I agree. We'll see.

    Good luck with your next company.
  7. asd rocks

    asd rocks New Member

    I guess I have been so busy working that I was relieved to have a few days off from surfing while the site was down, I thought that was kinda nice and what's this, they're still going to pay us all? Great! That should be a selling point to your prospects!! Not a reason to call it a scam. And no one said you would be worth a million dollars overnight. If you quit it is all your loss. Someday you will regret it. Where else can you find an opportunity this good? If you find one, this easy, tell us.

    Hard to sign anyone up? I sponsored 2 new members this week already and they've seen the site and struggled to get in just to sign up! And now they have money ready for Chicago. They want to make money just like I do. The difference between me and you is that I am excited about the business, it shows, and I am understanding to the company when they have problems. It definitely pay off.

    Seems to me that you are really good at scaring people away. Do me a favor and give them my phone number when you do that so that someone can sign up these people- they deserve the opportunity and shouldn't miss out just because you didn't get what you wanted when you wanted it and now you're whining.

    Maybe if you had worded things differently your prospects would be sitting there amazed at how fast the company has grown...gee only 57,350 new members since 6/3/08 when I signed up which is 2,202 new members on average per day! I think we can all see why there is a little chaos at the main office.
  8. asdabq

    asdabq New Member


    Many of us are tired of hearing "patience, patience....."

    BUT the news today that they are hiring an outside firm to do the servers and the website is the news that I've been waiting to hear!!!!!

    That will make such a difference, they should have done that weeks or months ago.

    I am very new to this too, but this news of them farming out the IT stuff is renewing my interest and attitude!

    This business has had two major hurdles just this past month:
    -Terrible customer service (backlog, backlog... )
    -Terrible web server service (can't log on, slow, getting dumped)

    When they get the servers up to par, you'll see this shine, as it should always have been! They just got caught in a bad place with an underdeveloped infrastructure, they were not ready for the unbelievable explosive growth just in June alone!!!!!!!!!

  9. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    Nice to hear you in a positive space again Tom!

    Good onya mate!
  10. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Last Weekend's Miami Rally: 29 Million Dollars
  11. PrincessK

    PrincessK New Member

    [​IMG][Please keep me posted as I am thinking of joining waiting to see how things turn out

  12. omarN

    omarN New Member

    29 million in Miami! That's a nice chunk of change!![​IMG]

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