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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by Will Oliver, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Will Oliver

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    I am still fairly new to the forum world and I have overheard different people say that they attach their website (that they are trying to promote... obviously.) to their signature page. This way when they become active on the forums with others that other people click on their signature link and it takes them to that members website.

    Well, I would very much like to do this but (a) I do not know how? and (b) do not want to get in any trouble with that particular forum by breaking forum rules, etc.

    Please, do help me with my question as I look forward to learning so much from so many of you.

    Thank you.
  2. Muzzamil

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    Putting your website in signature is completely fine and it is not breaking rules. To get people clicking on your signature, you will have to build good relationship and earn people's trust. You can build relationship by answering people's questions and helping them out virtually if possible. This way you will have a lot of people's clicking on your signature.
  3. Will Oliver

    Will Oliver New Member

    Sounds good Muzzamil

    I guess I can go to youtube or something to get answers on how to set up my sig
  4. Expert

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    I think this is bad for your site because Google is now considering such methods of getting links as Spam. Because this method is over used by lots of website owners.
  5. Will Oliver

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  6. Will Oliver

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    Actually, reading over your post for the 2nd time Muzzamil,

    I noticed how smart you are. You nailed the answer and I am not sure what expert said about Google having methods down the road about links and spam but someone else had answered like you did Muzzamil about a year or so ago and
    I had actually forgot about it.

    I guess like expert stated ... and that makes me think about someone who has in his/her hyper link whatever ( website, redirect to this or that site, spamish, etc, etc) but if these members have a form of spam in their signature via way of
    hyperlink, they will get discarded/junked quick. Kind of like a new restaurant that has their Grand Opening and their prices are high but their food is not very good. In no time they will have very little business.

    Like you said Muzzamil, if one is being helpful to others on any particular site and NOT spamming or PROMOTING their website then people WILL click on their link, it nothing else out of curiousity. I love the way you mentioned out of trust. This is not being fake or brown nosing or scamming or spamming, just the sincere desire to be helpful and practice integrity.

    When I tried to get rich,
    I failed miserably.
    Yet, when I set out to help people,
    They made me rich!

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