Adding banner ads to blogs?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by Iamconfused, May 10, 2007.

  1. Iamconfused

    Iamconfused New Member

    How would you do that on blogger? Whats the HTML code to make that happen? Just got my blog running, it needs a litte something. Thanks!
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Add the HTML code to the header
  3. Iamconfused

    Iamconfused New Member

    thanks, can I post a banner somewhere else? Like on the side of the page, or on my posts?
  4. Iamconfused

    Iamconfused New Member

    WOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I just posted my first banner ad!! Yeah for me! Also got a visitor counter too!! Things are looking up!
  5. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    Congrats! That's always a big step and it's so nice to realize you CAN make these things happen. I use a three column template in my blogs and it makes it a LOT easier to add buttons and text to the side bars.
  6. Iamconfused

    Iamconfused New Member

    How do you get fancy templates like that? I searched for some, but didn't find any I like. Is there a way to control where the banners go? I know how to put them on, I just can't place them where I want. Right now, my banner is above my counter, at the bottom left of the page. It's easy to see, but I wanted it higher..
  7. Iamconfused

    Iamconfused New Member

    ok, how about this one: I have a banner I want to post, but it's already in picture form. Now I heard to code your affiliate link behind that picture, but how do I do that?

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