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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by newbie12, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. newbie12

    newbie12 New Member

    Hello to everybody!

    What is your opinion about this product.
    If somebody had expierience with it ?...

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  2. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    i haven't buy it yet..
  3. dnsnthegrdn

    dnsnthegrdn New Member

    Don't pay for that! All you have to do is sign up for a google account (free) and sign up for google adsense (free).

    Just have a website or blog url ready, because they will ask for it when you sign up for adsense.
  4. compworkers

    compworkers New Member

    I purchase alot of online business systems and making money programs just to check out the legitimacy. With this I paid for the full service, ok it was speedy, but other then that the only thing I got was "advertise". WELL YES I could of done that myself...

    Its just another affiliate/useless page where the only money exchanging hands is yours to the company. I DONT recommend.
  5. Jonathan25

    Jonathan25 New Member

    But compworkers, did you still get money with that program? What did you get with it? The same webpage with multiples pages in it with advertising links? If yes, does you website got listed in google efficiently?

    Yes you can have a webpage with your adsense links in it but the nice thing with this program, if this is true, is that you get lets of pages with lots of adsense links with your website. I really want to know more about it!
  6. Mark_Worthen

    Mark_Worthen New Member

    Making money with Adsense is simple but not easy.

    The simple part: Create a website that offers value to the visitor, i.e., it gives them the information they're looking for. That could mean it solves a problem, entertains, or answers a question.

    The 'not easy' part: Creating such a website (could be a blog) takes time, effort, and research.

    I'm skeptical of any e-book that suggests an easy way to make money with Adsense.

  7. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Be careful with adsense products like this. They will usually give you already made websites with adsense integrated in it. They say all you have to do is insert your google adsense publisher ID, and then the money will start rolling in. They make it out to sound a lot easier than it really is. Google doesn't like scraper sites, that is, websites that are basically exact replicas of other sites...exact same content and everything. If you want to make money with adsense, do keyword research using the google adwords tool, find a profitable niche, and start building your own original keyword rich content. You will have more success that way, rather than buying an adsense package.
  8. no1lared

    no1lared New Member

    The adsense products are always a scam.
  9. yahia

    yahia Member

    Ok here is the deal:

    A home page with a google search box in it (get that from your google adsense account)

    A navigation bar to certain topics like cars, computers, financial, shopping, whatever. Nothing to pay for so far

    In each topic there is a page with a main article about that topic and a list of related articles. You get those for free from article directories. And adsense code you get from google for free.

    And you already have a website, otherwise you wouldn't get a google adsense account.

    So why in the world would you pay for this product? Just do it yourself!
  10. nanlar

    nanlar New Member

    In these times it is even harder to make money with adsense because only the pages on the top of the search engine page are making the big money on adsense. Why pay for it?
  11. shillong

    shillong New Member

    I got for Rs 40/ that's $1, but all the articles all the articles will be dubplicate contents and will never show up in google.......
  12. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I have not bought it myself but I want to share with you something here.

    You will not make that much in your first few months online. You are not going to even get close to it but I think that you can make a decent income with Google Adsense by:

    Having a few sites that get lots of free traffic everyday. If you can find different kinds of niches where there are not much competition out there and your site ranks high, if you have Adsense ads on them, they you can make really good money.

    Making money with Google Adsense is real and people are succeeding but you will need to have websites that get high ranks in the search engines.

    If you get this product, I think that it will only help you get closer to your goals online. It looks OK to me.

  13. emma2020

    emma2020 New Member


    erm.... does not look good to me and i wouldnt go for it, but some people think its okay some dont.

    Go on your gut instinct.

    Emma x

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