Advertisement Response Processing (legit or not?)

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    I was looking through Craigslist for a part time job and came across a listing that only mentioned a need of people with computers and a want to make money. I emailed the person asking for more info and this is what he sent me.

    The Paypal payment put up a red flag for me. So did a few other things, but tell me what you think.

    I blocked out the person's email address (which does not seem like an email address belonging to a business person) and name.


    Thank you for your interest in the position. Here's a brief overview of what we have to offer you.

    Job Description:

    Work from home Full or Part time

    Full online training pay based on per-completion basis

    Work your own hours/days


    ?· Computer and email address

    ?· Competent typing ability

    ?· Basic internet knowledge

    ?· Willingness to learn and set goals


    We are seeking only self motivated people with the desire to work with online advertising. NO EXPERIENCE is necessary. You must have a computer with internet access, a working email account, and basic typing skills. You can choose to work full or part time and the hours are set by you. You will be processing responses from advertisements; this will be explained to you in the training materials.

    Everything is sent to you via email account. There is no contract to sign; the amount you choose to process is entirely up to you. As with any job, you must be able to respond to advertisement in a timely manner.


    You will be paid $10.00 to $20.00 for each application you process. For example, if you process 35 in a week you'll make $350-$700 weekly. The average person makes $500 per week. The amount of money you earn is entirely up to you. You will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for tax purposes. We do not take out anything for taxes or provide you with a 1099 form.


    The training materials you receive will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started. When you receive your training materials, you may begin working the same day. There is no special software requirement for this position


    You will receive your payments through Pay pal for each application you process. If you do not have a pay pal account, please sign up for one at The sign up process is very secure and simple and takes about 10 minutes. It is the easiest way for you to get paid seeing as this is a completely online business. If you are still interested and would like the training materials, please email me and I will forward the materials to your email address within 24 hours. There is a ONE TIME non-refundable fee of $15.00 to cover the cost and processing of training materials, which can be paid from your pay pal account. This payment can be made to . This money will easily be made back by processing one response and it shows you are sincere about the job. This is the only fee you will incur for this job. After receiving the material fee, I will send you the materials to your email address within 24 hours. Please respond promptly as we only have a few more positions available. Thank you for your interest.

    Gabriel X. XXX,

    HR Specialist

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