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    Google AdWords pay-per-click is one of the best ways to market any website. Many successful home business entrepreneurs advertise solely with Adwords pay-per-click or at least they did...

    Now in the last few months Google has given the Google Slap to over 15,000 advertisers with little or no explanation. Most of the slaps have come to those who are marketing business opportunities, or replicated websites, or affiliate website links like Clickbank products etc.

    The slap usually happens like this:

    You are advertising your website and your landing page has a good quality score of 7/10, 8/10. 9/10 or 10/10 etc. Then one day you notice your sales or leads have gone down so you login to your AdWords account to see what is going on.

    On initial inspection of your Campaigns and Ad Groups everything seems to be fine.

    Then as you take a closer look you realize that the quality score of your landing page is now 1/10.

    This has happened to many legitimate, honest, ethical advertisers including me.

    My landing page had 7/10's and 8/10's or higher across the board and then overnight I discover my quality score changed to 1/10.

    And when I inquire to Google what is going on they respond with arrogant and hypocritical remarks. Only saying that they do not approve of "Get-Rich-Quick" businesses.

    My landing page has no income claims, no puffery, no fancy pictures of cars or homes, or money raining down from the sky. I don't even have a single $ sign on my page.

    Yet I still see Cash Gifting websites saying how to make $55,000 a week or other MLM or Network Marketing sites being advertised.

    When I ask Google what they consider a "Get-Rich-Quick" business to be, even providing URL's of other sites I see being advertised without a problem I get an arrogant response that doesn't even try to answer my question.

    I like and appreciate how Google is trying to clean up the junk and the shady stuff going on out there but they also have gotten rid of a lot of great things too.

    That's why it's so important to never stop learning all kinds of ways to market your business. All great entrepreneurs or leaders in any field in or out of business are always learning.

    Some entrepreneurs relied solely on Pay-Per-Click and nothing else and are now scrambling to find other ways to drive the same amount of massive traffic to their websites as before they got the Google Slap.

    The marketers who have mastered more than one method will be just fine.

    And one method that not many marketers use and gets overlooked is advertising in print media.

    Advertising in home business magazines and newspapers is a great way to market your business. In fact, some entrepreneurs only market in offline print media.

    Pros & Cons:

    Some Pros of marketing in print media:

    1. Targeted traffic: Marketing in home business magazines targets those who receive these specific publications and are already familiar with entrepreneurship.

    You don't have to sell them on the benefits of creating their own economies from home. They already realize the benefits.

    2. Find and attract other leaders: Other experienced marketers who also use print media receive copies of the publications or newspapers they are advertising in. As they browse their own ad to see how it's looking and compare it to the others they will recognize the other marketers who know what they're doing as well.

    Someone who can write good ad-copy is going to pick-up on other ads with good ad-copy.


    1. Patience: When you market in print media, especially magazines, your ad doesn't instantly appear in the publication like it does with pay-per-click. You have to order your ad weeks or sometimes months before it will be published.

    Pros to the "Patience" Con:

    1. Commitment Level: Many times those who are marketing in magazines and newspapers really know what they are doing or else they wouldn't pay for an ad weeks in advance if their business wasn't working or their product wasn't selling.

    2. Credibility: These marketers and entrepreneurs have a strong commitment to their business, product and services. So like I said above, this is a good way to establish yourself with other leaders who also advertise in print. And establish yourself with your targeted customer base.
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    Print media marketing is another form of marketing that can be successful. The one thing about it is you have to budget to do it consistently to get results. Often in magazines their is a surge of activity when it first comes out.

    The biggest challenge with home biz magazines is your ad is crowded around a mass of others and you can get many "tire kickers", but you also tend to get people that are truly looking for a business opportunity, they just are bombard so you have to really stand out and have an autoresponders message series to make your marketing campaigns successful.

    A solution to getting a website score with google is to use a site loved by google such as blogspot, as discussed here:
    How I stumbled upon a 10 out of 10 site quality score for google ppc
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    Yes, you're right, your ad in print media needs to stand out from the crowd.

    Most ads advertising a business opportunity lead with how much money you can make in something.

    The ads that stand out offer a solution to a problem like how to generate more leads, more customers, more training and education.

    Plus ads that offer solutions to problems instead of screaming $ signs attract higher quality people and less of the bottom-feeders.
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    I think I would stick with PPC on Yahoo and other smaller PPC companies.

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    I agree Tim - It is important to offer a solution to a problem. Afterall thats what our target market's are seeking!
  6. BeAChampion

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    Exactly! Solutions. [​IMG]

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