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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by JenaV, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    I never thought I could be making money from home. I started my business almost a year ago. I worked in corporate America. I never thought being a HBB owner was real, if anything I thought it was a real Joke. [​IMG]

    Today my opinion has changed, I'm proud to say I am a Internet Entrepreneur.

    My advice is do your home work BEFORE investing one thin dime!!! Ask Hard and Pointed questions. Keep an open mind and listen to the answers.

    When all is said and done then make your decision. Don't just jump into something and don't let the person you're talking to Bully YOU!!!

    Be upfront and honest with the person (Don't waste yours or their time. It's unfair to both of you.)

    Best of Luck.

    Warm Regards and God Bless you,
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Which kind of business do you feel is most profitable?
  3. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    Hi PCwork (from scam brds?)

    I'm encouraging ppl to do their homework. Not just rollover. My opinion is Bias (of course) Because what I do, is what is working for me.

    But... What works for me, doesn't always work for someone else.

    So keep your pencil sharp, your eyes & mind open. [​IMG]
  4. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    Congrats on your success Jena![​IMG]

    It's always great to hear the success stories!

    It is possible to be successful if you:

    #1 Don't give up and (this is very important) make the decision that you are going to be successful at whatever you decide to do!

    #2 Find someone who is successful already and who will take the time to work with you 1 on 1 and mentor you!

    I encourage everyone to shoot for your dreams like Jena!


    Brian McCoy
    President, CEO
    McCoy Marketing Group
  5. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    Congratulations Jena[​IMG]

    I agree with Brian on his two points. You can't give up after only a month or two if you're not making wads of cash. Most businesses have startup time till they begin opperating in the green.

    A mentor is always the best way to go. It's hard to fail when someone who is in the trenches is helping you watch out for grenades if you know what I mean.
  6. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    Hi OD

    I had a startup, but I work my biz very pt 8-10hrs. I've been in business a year as of 9/14/06 with my Director. I've made over $30,000 in my bank account, plus 1 training sale. I will be a released director soon. My profits will be $1000, $3200 and $9705.

    Right now I can only make $1000 & $3200, until my last training sale. Then I can make $9705 commissions. The greatest thing is I never have and never will share my commissions!

    So will I give up (heck no) I came in at the top, just so I could benefit immediately.
  7. gchildren

    gchildren New Member

    Thank you for the words of encouragement.

    One has to look at their work from home venture with the willingness to learn, to apply and to adjust. But most importantly you must surround all of this with perseverance.

    The effort that we put into the successes of our lives must be applied to our internet businesses.

    I have been married for 39 years and I have one the most successful marriages there is. Why?

    Because my wife and I did not quit when the going was difficult. Apply this same willingness to make your business successful. It will happen in time.

  8. JenaV

    JenaV New Member


    That is an Awesome equivalence! Thanks for sharing and congradulations!

    My Parent-in-laws are getting ready to celebrate the big 4-0! I can't wait for my hubby & I to do the same.
  9. bob022

    bob022 New Member

    Hello JenaV,

    Way to go on your business success. I am just getting started on my Internet Business. Right now I am building my list, but, I am still not sure what opportunity to promote. There are to many scams out there, but, reading posts like yours reassures me that it can be done.
  10. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    Good Morning Bob022,

    I'm glad to hear positive feedback. [​IMG] I strongly suggest for everyone to do their own homework. By asking pointed questions, and keeping an open mind (especially when investment is required).

    Meaning... Don't close the door when you find out there is upfront, (out of pocket cost). Every Real Business has investment. (Banks have Loans for this, they are called "Small Business Loans") The information is Free. Get all information you can. At that point it's always your call if you want to do that business. Don't let anyone bully you. Wishing you and everyone the very best!

  11. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    You need to PICTURE yourself doing the business. Can you see yourself using the tools offered to become successful? Are you comfortable talking about your product? Can you easily explain exactly how you intend to make money? If the picture seems foggy, don't jump in until all details are clear. In order to avoid frustrations down the road, you need to enter any business arrangement with you eyes wide open.

    To anyone out there looking for an opportunity, you need to commit to your business. You need to educate yourself and implement a plan of action. Set your goals and don't let anyting stand in your way.
  12. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    Awesome Decker2006,

    I couldn't have posted it better. [​IMG]
  13. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    Great post Jena. Congratulations. I did internet marketing part time for 4 years and have been full time now for about 1 1/2. I agree that you really have to do your homework.

    The other thing I would add is never spend any money you can not afford to lose. Especially on advertising. You can go broke pretty darn fast and not have anything to show for it.
  14. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    That is oh so very true, my friend [​IMG]

    The really nice thing is with our group we have Creative Marketing Methods for Advertising.

    That work for a Big Budget to No Budget!

    With the CWB we really enjoy hearing others succeed in their business & we take great joy in knowing we were part of that.

    This is why NO testimony is ever too small. Even my 30k in my 1st year.

    BTW Happy Birthday to Me!!! 9-14-06 was the day I started my business!!! I'm 1 year old.
  15. jdejvet

    jdejvet New Member

    Happy Business Birthday! Congratulations on your success![​IMG]
  16. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    Thank you [​IMG]

    You have some great initials!!! (JV) [​IMG]
  17. jdejvet

    jdejvet New Member

    LOL, so do you![​IMG]
  18. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    Great posts Jena.

    These exchanges remind us all that we have to look at this as a REAL business and like all REAL businesses we must view them as a marathon - not a sprint. And, we have to be willing to invest our time and money into our business. If we're not willing to do that then how can we expect our customers to do so?

  19. JenaV

    JenaV New Member

    Nicely posted Todd [​IMG]
  20. socraticmethod

    socraticmethod New Member

    so if i were to be an affiliate [Link removed - Admin] , set up another site for ebooks and so on...think the multiple streams of income would be worth it?
    another question is how can i convince the reader its not a scam?

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