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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by ssyed, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. ssyed

    ssyed New Member

    I am doing an MLM business from home and it's going very well. One problem I find is when your network grows very quickly , how do you spread your time effectively?

  2. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    did you make a business plan.. are you changing your goals as your network grows? I'm sure your upline will give you sould advice on how to manage your time. We go through that every month.
  3. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    It's that time of the year again... and for those of you expecting an income tax return instead of having to shell out... now would be a good time to sit down and figure out what percentage of that you can set aside to make your mlm marketing and business ventures more successful. Will it be advertising, printing out new business cards, a new website or even buying samples of your own products to show potential new customers? Now is the time to act. Don't let an opportunity to get ahead in your ventures (whatever they may be)pass you by. Some of you pay up bills and blow the rest and then wish you had saved some to make your success happen a little quicker. Have a great a prosperous year every one!
  4. agoodsaid

    agoodsaid New Member

    Leverage your time by using conference calls and newsletters. Any kind of training that allows you to give your time to many, yet still feels intimate.

    Work most closely with your leaders and future leaders so that you create duplication and don't make this a business based on your personality and efforts only.

    If you're not duplicating, you're gonna continue to have this challenge only on a larger and larger scale.

  5. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    I agree with you Andrea. But many people out there are not only looking for an income opportunity but also one that allows "creative expression". A truly great MLM will allow it's reps to find new ways to market their products or tool their marketing strategies to meet the needs of the individuals efforts. Sometimes "duplication" can be as dull and boring as the 9 to 5 that they are trying to escape. Not saying that duplication is a bad thing... it just does not leave room for creative marketing. Then you can pass on your successful ideas to your downline and share them on your conference calls. If your MLM suppresses or discourages this then it may not be around for long. the market for certain products and services is ever-changing and requires the occasional new marketing strategy to stay afloat.
  6. agoodsaid

    agoodsaid New Member

    Nah, duplication for me is all about teaching others to become great coaches.

    If you work with people where they are and in the direction of identifying their "why", and helping them to find a way that works for them to get there.

    What happens is that the activity of coaching and mentoring is carried down through the ranks (depending on who you're attracting). Friendships and loyalty are what comes out the other end ... THAT'S the best kind of duplication [​IMG]

  7. CThompson

    CThompson New Member

    Quoting: ssyed I find is when your network grows very quickly , how do you spread your time effectively?

    One of the best features of a growing organization is your internal self growth.

    I would like to ask you, what is your leadership doing to communicate massively?

    Is this duplicatable?
  8. ssyed

    ssyed New Member

    Thanks for all your answers, I think a mix of easy duplication for slower team members and more creative network marketing for leaders is a good balance. One thing I did not realise is the time it takes to learn sales and marketing. I was an IT man before and the network marketing I do is video streaming, so I thought it would be easy, but I realise it's more about marketing. A big learning curve...
  9. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    I'm also learning that the majority of my time spent is learning and understanding that every one that I come into contact with has different desires and needs. Being able to 'be there' for all of them can be quite trying, but also very rewarding at the same time.

    I think all the above is very good advice - but there's no substitute for that close one-on-one development - it's well worth your time in the end.
  10. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    Also remember when you are passing on valuable information to one person in your downline forward the same info to all. This keeps you from having to answer the same question over and over again.
  11. MLSmith

    MLSmith New Member

    A very important thing to remember is don't baby your downline. Make them responsible for their own success. This doesn't mean abandon them, but some things they have to learn themselves.

    Once your downline starts to grow its very easy to spend 90% of your time just helping your downline.

    You are trying to develop the leaders in your program so they can do the same. Concentrate on the ones that are self motivated and don't need you to help them get going. Trust me in the long run it will pay dividends.
  12. jeannine05

    jeannine05 New Member

    Helping other only helps with your success and will help your downline grow.
  13. CThompson

    CThompson New Member

    When I empower you
    This empowers me.
    When I help you succeed
    This helps me succeed.

    We use Teleconference Lines and Online Presentations.
    Also we use UPLINE..

    Warm wishes

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