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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by armywife1988, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. armywife1988

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    I just started working for a group that works with melaleuca and I need advice on advertising. Its a good place to work for I saved money just shopping there and i want to help others i cant make myself scam people but it seems like everytime someone wants to work fromhome they pass this over and end up beign scammed by someone else. I hate seeing it but dont know what to do or how i can show them that yes its real I signed up people some personal friends and they save money and have all earned a paycheck just like i earn a paycheck for signing them up. My question is how do i show people i dont know personally that this is a real job and a good place to work for?
  2. happywife

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    Hi Shari,

    It's me again. I seem to be following you around the forum today. [​IMG]

    I'm not with Melaleuca, but I do like some of their products that I've tried. I buy the Pain-a-trate for my mom on a regular basis. She loves it for aches and pains.

    It's very difficult to make a go of MLM over the long haul, especially if you are not a terribly outgoing person. Of course, even if you are an extrovert, you can run off all your friends and family if you aren't careful. [​IMG]

    If you follow the Free ebook link below, you'll be taken to a page on my site that offers several free resources. One that I think will be especially helpful to you is a book called The Seven Great Lies of Network Marketing. Help yourself to it.

    Secondly, take a look at my Parasites site. It is a website that I specifically designed with an MLM company in mind. I do more than recommend the MLM products, so I earn money from various methods.

    But the secret is that the site is NOT about the company or it's particular products. It's about the issues those products deal with. If something should happen with my particular company (I hope it doesn't) [​IMG] I can find other products that will be appropriate, but my core business remains undamaged. Do you see what I mean?

    It may be a bit trickier for you because, if I remember correctly, Melaleauca has some pretty strict terms and restrictions regarding personal websites. You may be forced to not mention the product specifically, but make it possible for those interested in your recommendations to contact you through designated forms, etc.

    Anyway, that's some food for thought. Read that book and do some thinking. It's more challenging this way, but if you are in it for the long haul, it can be much more profitable, too.

  3. pcwork

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    If it is a good product, it will be easier to convince people
  4. armywife1988

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    Thats my issue the products are great i use them. I think they are wounderful but people still dont trust me they think its a scam of course everyone thinks that people are tring to scam them even the ones who wont do that. I wont scam anyone i have been scammed and dont want to make anyone feel the way i did.
  5. DanielCajiga

    DanielCajiga New Member

    Hello armywife1988, I highly recommend you to start blogging about the benefits of your business and its features, the more the value you blog about the better people will begin trusting you.

    Once you??ve written some blog posts you can start writing articles and posting them on Article Directories referencing your blog as a reliable source to know more about your proposal.

    If you like you can begin creating a squidoo lens, at you??ll get the best tools to make the world understand what you are talking about since you??ll be talking a lot about your business and why people should pay attention to it.
  6. unselfishbuddy

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    Please keep in mind that what you have is a business, not a job. You can show people that it is a great program by simply creating a blog and share your story about your experience with the program. You can also share why you've decided a home business and what is the primary goal you'd like to achieve. Make sure that you keep your blog updated.
  7. charlie

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    hi Shari

    you cant really make people believe what your doing is ok and not a scam, the only way you can increase their confidence in what your doing is information good quality information,
  8. Vinnyo

    Vinnyo New Member

    "you cant really make people believe what your doing is ok and not a scam, the only way you can increase their confidence in what your doing is information good quality information"

    I totally agree but you also have to relate to the buyer or customer. I myself have been scammed and it hurts. I lost 2500 bucks four years ago. The key is to create consumer confidence. Everyone wants to feel that they get quality for the products they purchase. Work on articles and Squidoo like DanielCajiga said. Set up a blog or lens for people to look at. Research is the key. Member that Knowledge is power and build a business you would be proud of. If you don't like the products you sell then neither will your customers. Hope that helps
    All the best

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