1. lilmama0500

    lilmama0500 New Member

    Has anyone heard of this company? Is it just another name for herbalife? Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

  2. IMoneyReview

    IMoneyReview New Member

    I had a friend who was heavily involved with this company a few years ago. It is an MLM, but unlike other MLM companies you are actually selling a product. I joined after a lot of badgering by him, but it was not for me. It was nice to get the supplements with a discount, but I did not want to go selling supplements to all my friends and family and try to sucker them into it as well.
  3. Gypsy Girl

    Gypsy Girl New Member

    Hey folks, single mom in the house....name is Mindy. *waves*

    Ok, so I've been looking at this forum for forever and a day. Reading posts and trying out different ideas that you guys review.
    Never really felt the need to post until I came across this thread....frankly, it hurt my feelings a little..lol...Advocare is definitely not a scam! Sorry for previously just "using" this place without contribution...that's about to change.

    I got involved in Advocare two months ago and it's cooler than heck! I'll tell you this - it's a real needle in the haystack when it comes to mlm. Too bad there isn't much info about it here...yet.

    Thanks for the many years of helpful info..I hope I can help people out the same as they have helped me. [​IMG]

    P.S. Been reading about this Knowledge Exploit thing on here a lot today...haven't joined yet but...sounds promising??

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