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  1. eaglegene

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    Advocare sells nutritional supplements as well as energy & weightloss products. Has anyone had any experience with them and how good are their products. They say there are 5 ways to make money with them and you get around 40% of sales as well as a 20% discount on the items.

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  2. sally

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    I have been using Advocare for 2 years now and also am a distributor. Great products; they do what they say they will do! Great way for financial freedom as well!!!
  3. Psco

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    How well have you been doing with the company sally? Are they easy to market? How many people have you been able to sponsor if you don't mind mind me asking?
  4. sally

    sally New Member


    I have been doing well with Advocare! My husband and I hope to have this replace our full-time income in the year to come. This is a business that not many have heard of so now is the time to start! People are always interested in health, nutrition, energy, weight loss and performance products. These are amazing products and do what they say they will do. We have many retail customers and have 8 that we sponser. Our upline has done amazing! Would love to chat more if you would like!!!

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    eaglegene, that is a good industry to get into. I highly recommend doing more research though, for several reasons. This forum is a good place to start. Make sure you understand the comp. plan. Have someone break it down for you.
  6. FreeCashMan

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    RICH4NURICHE: Make sure you understand the comp. plan
    Your compensation, and how it is manifest is what matters at the end of the day, if you don't understand this before getting started you may find yourself disappointed.

    I just watched this reps 5 min compensation plan video

    He breaks down how a simple 3x3 total of 39 team members equals about $80,000 a year. That sounds nice, however if I understand what he sort of glossed over, you need each person to be doing a $1000 in sales, and you are expected to be at $300 a month in purchases. This means you have another $700 personally in sales out there somewhere else.

    If you don't understand those seemingly facts about the comp plan, and the reality of that is not likely anywhere near what you will experience with the average person that joins you, and even they did join at $300 a month getting the other $700 personal sales volume would likely not be "a walk in the park," then you will find yourself disappointed, and then likely justifying your participation in the business being for the products by saying how much you just love the products while not making any money.

    I personally think nutritional products that are effective are worth their weight in gold because the food we all generally eat is not worth pig sh_t, but nutritional mlm's as your primary business in these days and times of the digital age, to me, is not the wisest move for earning income from home with a networking home business, particularly for beginners and newbies.

    Or one in a nutritional mlm should diversify with a digital distribution opportunity. Digital distribution companies that do it right will give you more income for the same work and effort particularly when you get to comparing the monthly residual income.

    Home business is about making money...don't fool yourself otherwise. Thus knowing your comp plan and the numbers for making the income you desire and its probability to occur is vastly important, but too often overlooked or not made clear.

    Now go out advocare reps and achieve success, but get diversified with digital distribution for maximum home income potential!

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