affiliate lead marketing mlm network WHY 97% FAIL

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by GavinStephenson, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. GavinStephenson

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    affiliate lead marketing mlm network

    so you jump in to an mlm and then your like .. whats next.. OHHH i need traffic and then you get the traffic and your Like Ohhhhh I need to convert the traffic and then you have to do test after test ohhhhh I made a sale if your lucky and that would take around a year if you got a crappy upline

    Truth is no1 every really learns the key concepts to marketing online or using web 2.0, its just a bunch of people following trends. Hoping an thinking there gone make a quick buck

    Guess what the probably upline got lucky because it was a pre launch. he/she doesnt have clue what there doing nor those the new person..

    Never ending circle in this affiliate lead marketing mlm network world. Pre Launch to Pre launch. WOW heres my amazing new compensation plan its going to make $10,000 in ten days. That's all HYPE marketing

    affiliate lead marketing mlm network is all quick cash now days.. people seem to miss out that its just the next BUZZ.

    I learned to direct traffic towards me. I learned to become a leader and how to attract other leaders.

    It isnt the business is YOU. If you told someone you loved them on your first date together, they would run if the feeling wasnt mutual. They have only known you for a short amount of time they dont know who you are. Same with business.

    Marketing the buzz is putting people needs in the market. thats why 97% FAIL
  2. Breanne

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    You are right. It should be all about branding yourself...You.Inc. You are the best thing you have to offer the marketplace. Why would anyone want to spend their valuable time branding another person, product, or company. It doesn't really make much sense to me. Be your own brand, be a leader in the market, show people how to become successful and they will follow you for life.
  3. Zurvita

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    Duplication, duplication, duplication...did I mention duplication. If the upline doesn't have a system that can be duplicated, it won't matter what level the new person comes in at. They must have a system to pass on. It just always seems to go back to the marketing system, and it's effectiveness.

    When the marketing system works and can be duplicated, the result is a growing sales organization that succeeds. If people are actually duplicating success the 97% failure rate would not be.

    Moral of the story, choose a mentor who can show you how to duplicate in such a manner that you can pass it on.

    Thanks all, great posts as usual
  4. cherie27

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    Zurvita: choose a mentor who can show you how to duplicate in such a manner that you can pass it on.

    Mentor play an important part in the system. He will be the one guiding and helping you. He is the one who have went through the process and can advise you.

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