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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by oregoncountry, Apr 10, 2009.

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    I just found this webpage this a.m. I haven't scoped out every "free" tool but it could help someone in finding a profitable niche, and, one that will hold their interest. My brother has a blog now on his music. He's all about music and he writes, plays in a band etc. I shared with him how to Affiliate Market(well, only what I know so far)[​IMG] and I hope he will make some dough with it[​IMG]

    Hope everyone is doing well today. I am still brainstorming and some may see me as really slow out of the starting gate but I just learned a lot from doing my blog wrong in so many ways. I want my website to be my best effort, atleast. So study, study, and did I mention study, LOL!!!

    PS In my signature I will put different links of helpful things I've found. They will all be free because I especially want to share with those that either have no money to start a biz, or those that don't want to spend unless they have to[​IMG] Im sure buying "package deals" is a wonderful and so much stressful way to go. But again, some of us just don't have the dough[​IMG] Heres the link I found that is full of free tools in finding a niche, click here.
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    Thanks, you have been very helpful.
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    Hey, that's great Andy[​IMG]
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    Thanks Denise

    I had a quick look at some of these links and they look like they'd be very helpful. Will use them as I go along.
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