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  1. dkohlmeier

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    I came across a brand new site called Affiliate Niche Club. Thad and Dave (the owners) identify a hot niche each month and do all of the research on it for you. It is mainly tailored for affiliate marketing.

    They identify the people who are spending money in the niche and what their hot buttons are. They provide keyword research and suggest products to promote and affiliate programs to use. They also suggest the best ways to approach the niche including some outside of the box ideas. They have a free sample report at their website. It is only $9 per month to join the Affiliate Niche Club. To me, the information they provide is worth far more than that. It would take me several hours to do the research that they have already done.

  2. getagrip

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    I've personally worked on a project with Thad, and he's a standup guy. Dave B is pretty cool too. These guys are both very experienced internet marketers, and they will deliver value to anyone who is looking to discover niches.
  3. VictoriaNTC

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    They are great guys, and both have a good reputation.
    You can trust them.
  4. Dave B

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    Just so you know. The price of ANC is going up this Thursday 8th October at 12.00 noon EST.

    Visit the site for details.

    Dave B

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