Affiliate Promotion vs. Your Own URL Promotion

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by dynawealth, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. dynawealth

    dynawealth New Member

    I just wanted to find out from people what their views are on promoting either affiliate links in the sig area or own URL. Which one works better and pros/cons?


    Matthew Ng
    Lifestyle Marketer & Coach
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    It's always better to promote your own website through your sig area for the following benefits:

    1) People will always remember your personal website more easily than your affiliate website.

    2) If you change the company you are working with, your sig will also change (if you use affiliate links in your sig area). And if you do this frequently, it'll give an impression that you are confused and unsettled.
  3. dynawealth

    dynawealth New Member

    Excellent Vishal... and thanks for creating such a useful forum for us..

    I agree with that too..
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Glad to have you on this forum Matthew [​IMG]
  5. dynawealth

    dynawealth New Member

    No worries my pleasure...

    Wondering whether you can help providing help promoting my company's latest product...

    Any Ideas...?? I can't mention the site here, but i'll PM it to you if interested..

    Thanks mate.
  6. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I concur with Vishal and will add a few more observations.

    Promoting your own website URL also gives you the ability to reveal your unique personality and the flexibility to distinguish yourself from the countless "look-alike" affiliates you are competing against.

    Here are some pros and cons:

    Affiliate Site: All promotional material -- banners, ads, sales copy, etc -- are the same for everyone.
    Your Site: Along with affiliate material, you can display your own banners, write your own sales copy, publish your own product reviews or testimonials, and so on.

    Affiliate Site: You can only sell authorized affiliate products from your site.
    Your Site: You can sell a variety of products.

    Affiliate Site: You are not allowed to promote non-affiliate products to your visitors.
    Your Site: You can promote unlimited products from different vendors to all your visitors.

    Affiliate Site: New affiliates names and e-mail address usually become part of the company's mailing list.
    Your Site: You can design your site to develop your own mailing list from sign-ups.

    Affiliate Site: Getting your personal affiliate URL listed directly in the search engines is just about impossible.
    Your Site: Getting listed can be a snap if you know how.

    Affiliate Site: If the company fails, all your hard work and building efforts go down the drain.
    Your Site: If the company fails, your site still retains its search engine ranking, name recognition and promotional momentum. And you can always find another program to promote without having to start from square one.

    Affiliate Site: You have no control over presentation and content.
    Your Site: You do!

    Having your own website to promote, gives you a layer of control, flexibility and income protection that is not available from any affiliate program.

  7. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    That should sum it up. Great post Hermas [​IMG]

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