1. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    I joined with AGLOCO opportunity. Is anyone out there who joined? Looks great to me.
  2. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    What type of job they are offering?
  3. drinkflinger

    drinkflinger New Member

    hi Z .. i did, looks easy enuf ! (did they clear earlier posts? is there a problem posting agloco info ?
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    (ps. i signed under you)
  4. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    Thanks drinkflinger. Here's some info for everyone, on 20 November, 2006 it was reported that several AllAdvantage founders were reincarnating the business under the new company, AGLOCO.

  5. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    I was wondering why the earlier post about AGLOCO was erased by admin but you know he is doing a good job coz we don't want this forum to be full of SPAM. We want this to be a community for everyone to get informed and to grow.
  6. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    Latest UPdate:

    AGLOCO crossed half a million hits on google recently. In three weeks that is a lot of people talking about a new topic ??“ AGLOCO.

    We are excited by the attention and now with tens of thousands of new Members we hope to fulfill the promise of the company.

    While over 95% of the pages about AGLOCO are supportive there are a number of claims about us that are not true.

    ??? AGLOCO is not a get rich quick site (it will take a long time and hard work to make AGLOCO as valuable as it should be ??“ there are over 50 people listed on the AGLOCO team page as people who have been working on AGLOCO, some for over a year). See http://www.agloco.com/web/guest/aboutus

    ??? AGLOCO is not a new search engine nor is it a new ad network (the company will try hard to leverage existing companies whenever possible and not create new software or new communities for Members to use ??“ Members should continue to use the Internet as they normally would.)

    ??? AGLOCO is not creating spyware nor an intrusion on Members privacy (Member data is only looked at with informed permission of each individual Member; data is used by AGLOCO only to provide services to Members and is not disclosed; and Member data is destroyed if a Member ever chooses to leave AGLOCO). Privacy pages http://www.agloco.com/web/guest/privacy

    But what we do stand for is a revolution in favor of the Internet user.

    We put ten points about our Vision on the AGLOCO site on launch day. We think they all can be helpful in understanding what AGLOCO is trying to achieve. Here is one of them.

    The AGLOCO Vision #1: Free is too Expensive

    Much of Web 2.0 has been about Internet companies building a simple service and then getting users to do much of the work on it (including telling all their friends about it). Once the service is popular, the founders and venture capitalists make a deal to sell it for millions (and billions) of dollars. The users who helped build it (especially the early users who often put up with clunky software and weak websites) just watch.

    When we looked at this system, we saw a bad price. Sometimes free is not enough.
    We designed AGLOCO to reward all Members who join and with the referral system we designed it to give an extra reward to the Members who help build it.

    In designing what AGLOCO would be, we felt starting just a specific service (like videos or music or blogging) would not go far enough. So we designed AGLOCO to be a platform for many kinds of services. On our website we cite easy examples of services to monetize for Members like search and advertising, many more exist.

    Global companies start with a grand vision, but they start small. We first started working on AGLOCO out of our houses and apartments...We know our Members are keen to learn more about AGLOCO and we shall endeavor to communicate as soon as we strategically are able.
  7. kelseyW33

    kelseyW33 New Member

    Thanks for posting the update about Agloco.com, zaphire97. I look forward to downloading their viewbar and surfing away for cash!!! I think this is going to be as big as youtube, better get in while you still have people to join under your member ID or else there'll be no one left whose not already a memeber!![​IMG]
  8. 78bosoxr1

    78bosoxr1 New Member


    I visited the website for algoco and was unable to join because I did not have a code to enter. do you have a code that would allow someone access to enter the site as a member? If so, can you please forward.

    Thanks for the informational post.

  9. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Has anyone heard why AGLOCO is still in prelaunch?

    It makes me wonder if they're going to launch or just
    going to lunch.

    This is the longest prelaunch I've seen so far and the
    last one I saw that took a long time turned out to be
    nothing more than a list builder for someone.

    Anyone else remember the Secret Launch from about
    a year ago?

    I'm leary of prelaunch programs, but I did like you and
    signed up and began promoting for a week or so with
    no luck.
  10. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    Quoting: 78bosoxr1
    I visited the website for algoco and was unable to join because I did not have a code to enter. do you have a code that would allow someone access to enter the site as a member? If so, can you please forward.

    Thanks for the informational post.

    Hello 78bosoxr1,

    The code is shown in the website when you sign up. The code is consist of numbers or letters that needs to be written down in order for you to sign up. The purpose of this code is to maintain the security upon signing up. Good luck!
  11. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I just came back from vacation and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to reply to some of your questions here. However I was amazed that my network has grown from 35 direct referrals up to 480 right now including extended referrals. To me this is really great! I stopped promoting but I still get at least 15 sign ups a day with my extended. Now that I come back I will promote this again. Thanks everyone for sticking and believing with AGLOCO.

    Please share how things are going with your network.
    Whatever it is you are lucky that you are part of AGLOCO.
  12. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    For those who don't know there's an update in the Company Blog in the website. So, from time to time you can check it and you also have the option to participate in the blog and post your comments.
  13. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

  14. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member


    The site still says the toolbar is only available in limited beta
    version. Two months waiting for communication from them
    and nada...

    What gives? Any clue? or are you setting up a lemonade stand
    in the desert? I'm not being critical, but I am concerned why the
    questions here are unanswered as well.

    I stopped promoting Agloco after one week back in November,
    because I couldn't get any answers that made me feel

  15. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    Hello Michael,

    I understand your concerns, believe me I have the same question in my mind too. What gives me the most positive feeling and excitement is the fact that AGLOCO is FREE and the whole idea/concept is so brilliant. According to what I've read the viewbar will be available in the middle of February up to early March. Fact is, in order for AGLOCO to pay us they need to attract advertisers, I'm talking about big businesses like Amazon, Ebay, Big companies that has millions of budget. In order for these advertisers to do business with AGLOCO the members itself should be at least in the millions and not thousands. Now, if they open the viewbar right now and there's no advertiser, the company will be bankrupt and we defeat the purpose of economic network. Why? because they will pay us but then there's no incoming money coming from the advertisers. Now, as I said we need to have the whole network multiply and make it grow into millions to attract business. When YouTube started, the members spread the word until it became big but what happened to those first members? Did they receive any money from YouTube? NO NADA. So, regarding what you said about selling lemonade in the desert, YES I will hold on until AGLOCO finally opens the door and the viewbar is fully functional. After all I don't lose anything coz it's FREE and if they officially release the viewbar my downline will be in the thousands. Another thing is, when you stopped promoting after 1 week when AGLOCO started back in November, it's so early for you to judge the whole concept and the future it holds. After all Ebay, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube, MySpace etc., was not made overnight. It's your decision but then again we would love to welcome you back.
  16. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member


    I didn't judge the concept. I'm uncomfortable with the lack
    of satisfying communication from Agloco and it's been way too
    long to still be in prelaunch mode in my opinion.

    I'll be content making money giving away free reports and
    free video tutorials. If I can do it anyone can.

    Yesterday and today I received offers from local real estate
    businesses to create some squeeze pages and co-op on
    some Google Adwords campaigns.

    Napolean Dynamite would say, "YES".

    I wish you the best of luck,

  17. Freedom_FOREX

    Freedom_FOREX New Member


    For those not familiar with AllAdvantage, which is similar since it was started by same group, it was a simple program which paid you to surf which exposed you to advertisers, so passive by nature. I liked it, and since I was online all day anyhow, it made sense to add it to my portfolio.

    We all know what Google has done with online advertising, so why not OWNtheINTERNET? We all see online advertising booming, yet at the same time, PPC is declining with saturation issues and click fraud, so there will always be room for new players in this industry, so I think this one is the right program at the right time, and it is FREE, so what has anyone got to lose to see how it all unfolds.

    Good luck to all, Mike
    [Link removed - Admin]
  18. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member


    I's been a long journey for all of us and it's quite a ride. However I have a good news for everyone that Brian Greenwald will give us update about the viewbar as to how the viewbar development team are doing. If everyone is reading the company blog you can also find this piece of information.

    On the other hand, I'm glad that you are doing well with your free reports and the real estate businesses that is sicking your expertise in your local area.
  19. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    The viewbar will be launch between March 26th and April 16th. Watch out this baby take off like a fireball.
  20. madnawat

    madnawat New Member

    Well, I want to know that How much money agloco will pay you to refer people or surfing while viewbar is on.

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