Aisle19 Mall-Cashback for shopping online?

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    I've been with the parent company known as Escape International for a couple months now, I've been in my fair share of "home based businesses" and wasn't interested in learning about yet another one[​IMG]. But I was attracted by the free entry and talk of getting cash back for shopping online. I buy online all the time, so I signed up to give it a try, hey its free.
    I bought a laptop on Ebay, a flight to San Juan on Travelocity, a few gifts at toy stores and an antioxidant juice called Oradical. I have to say there was no difference shopping through Aisle19 vs. shopping online the regular way other than the fact that I got a check in the mail for $30 a month and half later.
    The next month I got a check for $25 cash back on purchases I made that second month with an additional $10. This addition was due to the fact that I had introduced a few friends who got their own mall and they had made purchases and got cash back. Sad to say but it's more than I have made in other "work at home" opportunities with no real effort and not buying anything I didn't need or want.
    It's not a get rich quick scheme, but it seems with some real work it's very possible that people can make some real income with this. I recommend it, If there's any personal experiences out there that you can share with me that would be great thank you. [​IMG]

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    Hullo welcome to the forum. am glad that you have got some that pay ypu some money. its not much but its something.

    Am with site build it(sbi) and l have been with them for 6months now, am working on my seconds site. the reason l love there programs is coz it very easy to use. built awebsite without any html know how, get free traffic ,good support system. its something that any one should do ,get a site , have something that is long term. l have not made much money but the way am seeing it l will .
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    The link is removed, can you PM me the link again?

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