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  1. Dave Earley

    Dave Earley New Member

    Hey Guys!

    Any other members of ATU in here?

    I joined ATU, pretty much when it first launched, so there wasn't really any time to scout it out and find out what people were saying about it. However, I was referred to the program as a member of RIOY, and it was also free to join, with the option of a one time upgrade fee, so I didn't have anything to lose.

    If you haven't heard of ATU, what they do is run Team Builds every time a certain amount of members are brought in(5,000 and 10,000 so far), and members have the possibility of cycling in these Team Builds as much as possible, either by paying a one time fee, or even by being pre-loaded in for free.

    I'm not sure if any free members have cycled yet, as I have paid to get into the first two so far, and did cycle through the second, which is called My MLM ToolKit(MMT).

    The Team Builds also seem like separate programs themselves, as MMT will give pro members free hosting for one year, various forms of free advertising, SEO, and some other stuff I haven't used yet. [​IMG]

    ATU is a little bit different from most MLM programs because I earned a profit from MMT, without sponsoring, and without advertising the program. Of course I am able to do those things, and I will do them, but I was not at the time.

    Disadvantages of ATU?

    -I guess I would say potential income. Because of the one time fees, the income will not be residual like in many other programs, so I wouldn't think that the income potential would be as high.

    -Emails. ATU takes care of the emailing for their program, and I would say that I receive probably at least one every day, if not more. However, they do have regular conference calls which makes up many of them.

    There's not anything else that I have disliked so far. The admin has been really good about informing members what works, and what doesn't. They were even going to personally take out people brought in through guaranteed sign ups programs. LOL
    The program has performed just as it has been described so far. Members can join for free, or upgrade for a small one time fee. The cyclers are reversed so that, at least all pro members earn, and possibly some free members.

    ATU has remained team oriented as they planned, so that there isn't just a select few that are earning all of the profits. I'm not sure if I would advertise ATU as a earn without working program, but it has been my favorite free to join program, if not favorite program overall.

    What do you guys think about ATU, and the Team Builds like MMT?

    What are your likes and dislikes?

    Dave Earley
  2. LauraLicata

    LauraLicata New Member

    Hey Dave,

    I belong to all 3 (including TotalTeamProfit) and cycled through on that one. I like the way you see your matrices fill up even though it may be with members that you did not personally sponsor.

    I think it may be awhile with ATU, but since I sponsored about 10 people once I cycle I'll receive about $4000 and will receive half of that when my PSM's cycle. I've more than covered my one-time fee with the money I made from bringing people into the program.

    I think they are very much worth the one time fee of $35-$40 for that potential return. Isn't about multiple streams of income?

    Take care Dave,


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