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  1. Kasnow86

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    I stumbled across this website and I was wondering if anyone has heard of it. At first I thought it was just another scam because you have to pay for it. The reason why I took another look is that it appears to be an affiliate type of thing which seems to be the best way to make money online. It's also appealing because, if I understand correctly, I would be advertising for a cell phone applications website. I know from experience that these sites are VERY popular. Everyone is buying apps for their phones. The last reason why I think it seems legitimate is that they mention the fact that the better I do, the better they do. Why wouldn't they give me the tools to succeed if they get more money when I get more money?

    Am I falling for it here? Do you think it's worth the money?
  2. Kasnow86

    Kasnow86 New Member

    I forgot to mention that another reason why I like the idea of this is that these guys are on file with the BBB.

    Any thoughts?
  3. wjmeeks

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    I did not find them registered with the BBB online. I do not know how you found them registered.. I did check out their Fusion Global Limited owners and did not see them in the company register.. i have emailed for a confirmation that they are in fact a subsidry of this company.. the main company that they purport to work for deals with credit reports...which is why they ask so much personal info.. beware of giving anything personal.. i will log in with more info as i get it.. i am searching for a legitimate work at home job myself..
  4. greggo49

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  5. TheExecutive

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    It looks good in concept, but the site layout doesn't look all that professional given the high-tech nature of what they're offering.
    Also the company running the AllAppsPortal program is listed as Fusion Global Limited .....which is extremely generic. There are any number of companies with that precise name.

    Forget about the Better Business Bureau though, because even American companies who pay the BBB to list them doesn't make them honest..... That listing only allows complaints from unhappy customers to be filed.

    This information is available if you click Contact; the following is part of what appears: is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fusion Global Limited based in the Netherlands with affiliated operations in the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong. Worldwide we serve well over 100,000 customers.

    The BEST way to contact us is by EMAIL Support Email Address:

    USA Telephone: (504) 208-1581
    United Kingdom: 020 8123 8507

    I'm in California but I'm betting that 504 #, which originates from Louisiana is probably where the owner actually lives. This has the makings of a ripoff, so it's best we stay away from it! [​IMG]

    By the way, I have an ordinary cellular phone and couldn't even download ringtones from outside sources if I wanted to. [​IMG]
  6. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    Just in case you run across the scam somewhere else, avoid this technical impossibility!

  7. wjmeeks

    wjmeeks New Member wants 39 usd to join and then you register with the clickbank.. then to get traffifc to your site you are offered several options.. one is for 49 usd to get traffic. there is another for 4.83 per month . and another ganrunteed clicks on the site for 29 usd.. it can add up.
  8. wjmeeks

    wjmeeks New Member

    They do refund your money.. I did in fact try them, but after spending the money to get the traffic to the site and exchange banners, nothing was happening.. I asked for a refund and did in fact recieve it.. so that is a good thing..
  9. I can't find out much about this program, only that people have spent a lot of money and cannot get answers to their emails, which is always a bad sign.

    Let's see if someone comes up with something positive.
  10. JeffM

    JeffM New Member

    Allappsportal seems to be an affiliate reseller, they do not appear to be the main company, they are advertising using the tools provided by the company they are an affiliate reseller for.
    I sent allappsportal an email and received a reply in about 3 hours.

    They gave me a link so that I could see what the web site would look like. It is not the same site as the one you may have received in an email.

    It appears that you should market this program to cell phone user's as they are supposed to have unlimited downloads to music, ringtones, and apps for cell phones.

    Just my Take on it.
    Jeff M
  11. MBSOnline

    MBSOnline New Member

    I have a very successful wireless business and considered adding this as part of my revenue stream. After considerable research; however, I have not been able to find any info that would indicate that it is anything but another affiliate marketing ploy that offers nothing special. So, I decided against it.
  12. wlh820

    wlh820 New Member

    Do not sign up for anything from Allappsportal. It is a total scam and they will continue to try to get additional money from you for items that don't work. I have paid over $200 for this program and haven't received one single penny. I have sent several e-mails that are never responded to and I've left several voice messages that never get returned. This is a total scam. I've received e-mail from the CEO Steve Hilton trying to get me to purchase additional items and that they are only available for the 1st 20 people, but he does not return your calls nor does he respond to e-mails. . I am not going to start filing my complaints right away as I have requested my money back and it has not been returned. DON'T SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM.

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  13. wwbolton

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    always have to wander about a company that uses a web based e-mail account. usually you can get what? 50-100 e-mail accounts with a .com address. also, i have not found a website that is operated where i can see/buy the product. you would think that they would let you see what you are buying right upfront. i won't even buy a pair of underware unless i can at least see it first. " if it sounds to good to be true, it propobly isn't.
  14. amidgorden

    amidgorden New Member

    has anyone who has the business actually ordered from thier own page and then looked to see if they got credit for the sale. I'm wondering if sales are going on but not getting credited to who they should be getting credited too. Let me know.
  15. anjilyn

    anjilyn New Member

    Many people are not aware of how you can get offers, like this particular one, AllApps, and dozens more just by trying to navigate off their site to some other. They hook you up to a robotic site telling you they are authorized to let you have "whatever they are selling" at a special discount, at ?? the price! Then these discount offer sites try to pressure you by saying you have only x amount time before it expires. I tested this at AllApps yesterday, the results were funny to me as I think about it. Getting frustrated, I thought about this chat window and kept seeing the same answers were given in response to whatever I typed in the message window, when I realized I was not chatting with a human, so I just pasted a reply to the script with the time added and as the entire day went by, I had proof positive this was not going to give me answers to specific questions I had. So what, I did find I still can get into that for $19 instead of the asking cost $39.00. I was not getting any answer why I was told no cost when in fact there is that cost, but I managed to get registered with clickbank and did not hand over any charge card. Pardon me, please do not ask how, I am still not sure how, but if this pans out, I would be glad to give them the $19, out of my pay from clickbank, that is. I will bookmark your page and let you know what happens nest, if anything.......
  16. jrgjrg83

    jrgjrg83 New Member

    ok, I bought into it. $40 for the site, $50 for guarenteed views....... nothing. No money yet. I bought it in mid feb and I check my clickbank almost daily. I set up my site perfectly. NO MONEY. I was going to buy the application for myself to see what i could get for my phone and just collect my money back, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. If that doesn't work, I will be even more irate than I am right now with this program. Before I ask them for a refund, please, someone tell me if they've had any luck. A part of me still wants to have faith, only because the other part of me is saying your an idiot for falling for this bull****.
  17. nesian684

    nesian684 New Member

    omg..I just signed up with Allappsportal yesterday and paid $39 and another $29 for 1000 clicks and follow all the instructions but when I emailed them with questions, no responds. Thanks guys for all these information, I just cancelled payment on my credit card, I just hope they "Allappsportal" don't try to take those amount out of my credit card and I will end up paying for it. I'm glad they refunded your money wjmeeks, I guess I will keep my fingers crossed and hope they don't TRY to take money since I just cancelled payment. To Kasnow86..after reading all these comment and from not getting responses to my questions from allappsportal, I wouldn't recommend you try it.
  18. scarlett

    scarlett New Member

    thank you, thank you, thanks to alll of you, AND to the forum. I was just getting my wallet when i happen to see something that sent me to this forum for additional information on AAP site. This forum is extremly informational, especially to someone like myself that has limited computer knowledge. Again thank you all so very much.
  19. xeridox

    xeridox New Member

    You're welcome! And I think I speak for all of us when I say, Feel free to come back anytime you need info. [​IMG]
  20. dwhitney7

    dwhitney7 New Member

    I received an email from them yesterday and thought it would be a good resource for iphone users but it sounds so shoddy. I was about to pay myself and so glad I didn't. Thanks for all the info, this site rocks with information on new startups. thanks again

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